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  • 3/27/2024

    Knowland Partners with Thynk to Expand the Hospitality Ecosystem

    knowland and thynk logos

    Knowland, a provider of data-as-a-service insights on meetings and events for hospitality, and Thynk, provider of the next-generation hospitality commercial platform powered by Salesforce, announced today a strategic partnership to connect the hospitality technology ecosystem better.

    The partnership will integrate data from Thynk's hospitality CRM solution with Knowland’s world-class meetings and events database for Knowland and Thynk customers. The collaboration of these two solutions will enable sellers to work smarter and faster while making significant market share gains. By better understanding what meeting and event opportunities to target, hoteliers can optimize the sales process, shorten the sales cycle, and close more deals.

    The Knowland and Thynk collaboration will deliver sales efficiency and performance benefits to the hospitality industry in these areas:

    • Optimizing data and enhancing quality—When hotels enable the delivery of sales and event data from Thynk directly into the robust Knowland database, the event information is instantly available to supplement market data and enhance account profiles. This, in turn, informs sales teams and improves decision-making outcomes.
    • Improving efficiency and sales productivity—By leveraging the combined power of the Thynk/Knowland integration, sales teams will gain seamless access to meeting and event data, ensuring productivity and data consistency for all parties.

    Knowland and Thynk will host a joint webinar, “How Collaborative Data Drives New Revenue,” on April 11th  at 11 a.m. ET to showcase the benefits of account-based selling for hotel meetings and events. Register here.

    Jeff Bzdawka, CEO, Knowland, said: “Expanding Knowland’s data-driven analytics platform with rich data like Thynk provides is a key pillar for enriching our dataset. As we continue to strengthen our ability to empower hospitality decision-making by delivering actionable account intelligence to fuel growth and profitability, we look forward to improving our clients' efficiency and sales outcomes. The first phase of our partnership will initially integrate data between the Thynk CRM system and Knowland’s world-class meetings and events database.”

    Pascal Petit, co-founder and CEO at Thynk, said: “We are very excited to be working with the Knowland team. This partnership represents another important step in our growth journey, including expansion into the U.S. market. Every partnership is unique, and we look forward to combining the power of our next-gen all-in-one hospitality platform with the data leadership from Knowland’s insights to streamline and elevate key sales processes.”

  • 3/27/2024

    ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Acquires Nomadix and GlobalReach

    Ass Abloy Global Solutions logo

    ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions has announced that it is acquiring Nomadix, Inc. and GlobalReach in the USA and UK. With both organizations joining ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, the combination of technology, resources and expertise is set to provide a single trusted source for the latest in security access, user authentication, Wi-Fi software/hardware and analytics. This also includes satellite authentication and digital engagement for businesses serving the hospitality, multi-dwelling (MDU) and transportation industries.

    “ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions is pleased to welcome Nomadix and GlobalReach as the latest additions to our expanding global team. This latest development will expand our core business capabilities and expertise, as well as continue to provide our customers with enhanced value when delivering on demands for custom-tailored solutions,” says Stephanie Ordan, Executive Vice President and Head of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions.

    “Adding the capabilities of Nomadix and GlobalReach to our existing solutions portfolio represents our continued effort to serve as a comprehensive provider of advanced technologies. We look forward to leveraging their expertise to serve customers seeking out solutions capable of delivering enhanced security, efficiency and high-quality experiences,” says Li Wang, Senior Vice President and Head of Hospitality at ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions.

    Nomadix and GlobalReach operate as two separate entities under a central top management and ownership, and will be part of Global Solutions’ Hospitality business area.

    “We are thrilled to become part of such a prestigious company as ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions. Our strategic objectives of providing secure, personalized authentication and access to venues, properties, and transportation align well with those of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions. We look forward to working together to help large global brands and venues connect visitors to their world,” says Ted Helvey, CEO & Chairman of Nomadix and GlobalReach. 

  • 3/26/2024

    Stayntouch Achieves 100-Percent System Uptime


    Stayntouch, a provider of cloud hotel property management systems (PMS), is proud to announce that it has delivered unprecedented levels of system performance and reliability, leading to a 96 percent customer retention rate of its hotel customers.

    Independent hotels and brands often face technology performance challenges, which can harm their business, especially with legacy or unproven PMS providers. Stayntouch leverages AWS (Amazon Web Services) to power its cloud-native PMS, ensuring high performance, scalable architecture, and enhanced usability.

    • 100 Percent System Uptime for Hotels | Stayntouch has consistently exceeded 99.97 percent system uptime, measured quarterly per its Service Level Agreement. The company has delivered a consistent 100 percent system uptime for over eight quarters.
    • 70 Percent Greater Efficiency with Multi-Property Management | Stayntouch's intuitive design, combined with comprehensive multi-property functionality, enhances efficiency in setting up new properties and managing chain portfolios by up to 70 percent.
    • 96 Percent Customer Retention Rate | With dedicated implementation and client success teams, 24/7 customer support, and response times under one hour, Stayntouch cultivates strong customer relationships, contributing to an impressive 96 percent client retention rate.

    Prabol Bhandari, the chief technology officer at Stayntouch, said, "Our commitment to maintaining near-perfect system uptime underscores our dedication to reliability and excellence. By consistently delivering  and overdelivering  on this promise, we empower our hotel customers to operate seamlessly and delight their guests."

    Yossi Maslaton, head of cloud infrastructure and security for Stayntouch, said, "Our cloud PMS has been built from the ground up to deliver the flexibility and comprehensive feature set necessary for clients to manage increasingly complex portfolios. With zero downtime for product updates, fixes, and security patches, we enable our clients to optimize their operations and achieve unparalleled efficiency gains."

    Priya Rajamani, VP of implementation and support at Stayntouch, said, "Our 96 percent customer retention rate is a testament to our platform’s reliability and performance, in addition to our commitment to customer success throughout the client lifecycle. We cultivate strong, enduring partnerships with our clients through personalized support, rapid response times, and proactive solutions, ensuring their continued satisfaction and success."

  • 3/26/2024

    Hospitality America Transitions Ben Campbell to CEO

    Hospitality America logo

    Hospitality America is thriving. Coming off the heels of its most profitable year for their hotel partners, Ben Campbell has transitioned from Chief Operating Officer to President and Chief Executive Officer. Hospitality America Founder and CEO Chris Cargen has retired and will assume the newly created position of Chairman of the Board. This transition symbolizes the company’s unwavering commitment to sustained growth, operational excellence, and forward-thinking leadership.

    Just weeks into his term, the 36-year-old chief is crafting his vision for the company, which includes growing from 17 hotels to 40 hotels in less than 10 years; expanding its portfolio to include more lifestyle and full-service brands; investing in tools and technologies to improve efficiencies, optimizing its capacity and profitability; and continuously enhancing the award-winning company culture for the betterment of employees and guests.

    “Ben's journey to CEO is a testament to his dedication and expertise in the hospitality industry,” Cargen said. “His experience at every level of the organization has positioned him to lead Hospitality America's next chapter. Ben's strategic vision and dedication to excellence will continue to position Hospitality America as an industry leader among third-party operators."

    Rapid Rise to the Top

    Campbell began his hospitality career 15 years ago, working as a Department Manager with Delaware North Companies Inc. (assisting at the Carolina Panthers Stadium and then managing the company’s Concessions/Catering Departments). Journeying on to hotels, he served as Reservations and Revenue Manager for three Palisociety Hotels before working as Revenue Manager for OLS Hotels and Resorts (now Springboard Hospitality). In 2015, he joined Hospitality America, starting as Director of Sales, then held multiple General Manager positions until he was promoted to Regional Director of Operations and then Chief Operating Officer. It was in the COO role that Campbell began conceptualizing an ambitious vision for the company’s future.

    “Throughout my career, I have always strived to be better,” Campbell said. “I firmly believe that when you see an opportunity, act on it whether it’s securing third-party management contracts, helping guests, or recognizing and rewarding employees. Career development is extremely important. If there is one thing I want to project onto our associates, it’s the importance of learning something new every day. When that happens, promoting from within the company is a natural progression. While I plan to remain in the CEO role for quite some time, I would be honored to help grow the next successor.”

    The Future is Bright

    After attending the 35th Annual Hunter Hotel Investment Conference last week, Campbell said he left the event knowing that the hotel industry is extremely positive, and that Hospitality America is in an enviable position for growth.

    “People feel optimistic,” he said. “The hotel brands are reporting that their pipeline of units sold is greater than ever before. That said, there are not as many shovels in the ground as there could be. We are seeing a diversity of commercial real estate firms entering the hospitality space, such as multi-family, and that is where Hospitality America has a significant advantage. With Hospitality America, owners and developers get the scale of a bigger company with the individual attention of a smaller management company. We bring financial capabilities, scalability, and ease to just pick up the phone, call the CEO, and get individual attention.

    "On behalf of Hospitality America, I want to express our gratitude for Mr. Cargen's years of outstanding leadership and mentorship,” he said. “I’m committed to his legacy, achieving our strategic objectives and maintaining our position as a top place to work."

    Campbell’s advice to young people entering the hotel business is this: Work hard, learn much, and don’t be afraid to speak up.

  • 3/26/2024

    Cloudbeds Urges Independent Hoteliers to Consider New Ways to Hedge Inflation in 2024

    Cloudbeds, the hospitality management platform powering more reservations and happier guests for independent lodging businesses around the globe, urged independent hoteliers to look beyond raising their average daily rates (ADR) as a hedge against high inflation.

    The guidance comes from Cloudbeds’ 2024 State of Independent Lodging Report, which revealed lodging businesses can no longer rely on ADR increases as the main driver of hotel performance. Instead, they must proactively adopt additional strategies to offset the rising operational costs.

    Despite many hotels already streamlining their staffing models and trimming housekeeping services, Cloudbeds emphasizes that independent hoteliers can explore further avenues to reduce costs and increase pricing, particularly in food and beverage services, parking, ancillary fees, and non-refundable rates.

    Sebastien Leitner, VP of Partnerships at Cloudbeds, said: “While hotels have experienced record ADRs, it hasn’t been enough to offset a hike in operating expenses and global inflation. Hoteliers face a critical question going forward: if travelers are becoming increasingly price-sensitive, how much longer can pricing be pushed to offset rising costs? ADR is no longer an inflation hedge. Instead, we’ll see independent businesses turn towards streamlined operations that maximize profitability and delight guests.”

    The technology provider highlighted that room rates surged by 20% in 2023 compared to their 2019 levels. However, amidst this increase, global inflation peaked at 8.7% in 2022 before declining slightly to 6.9% in 2023. Consequently, the rising operating expenses outpaced revenue growth for many independent hotels.

    Cloudbeds’ findings are grounded in data from 10,000+ independent properties, encompassing boutique hotels and guest houses, B&Bs, and hotel groups in over 100 countries across North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

    For comprehensive global insights into the independent lodging landscape in 2024, download a free copy of Cloudbeds’ annual ‘State of Independent Lodging Report’ at

  • 3/26/2024

    Wendy's Selects Par Technology's Puncch Loyalty Platform

    PAR logo

    ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a global restaurant technology leader and provider of unified commerce for enterprise restaurants, announced that Wendy's®, has selected PAR’s industry-leading loyalty and offer solution, PAR Punchh®, to advance its already successful loyalty program into the next generation of customer engagement.

    Wendy’s will leverage PAR Punchh’s AI-driven platform and Punchh Enterprise Support to enhance its loyalty program for customers who visit any of their nearly 6,500 locations across the United States and Canada. With PAR Punchh’s advanced loyalty expertise and personalization engine, Wendy's aims to advance its loyalty program with best-in-class gamified experiences, targeted offers designed to bring great food for a great value to its customers, and exclusive promotions tailored to individual customer preferences.

    The open architecture of PAR Punchh ensures seamless integration into Wendy’s existing app and online ordering systems, optimizing their technology stack for both current and future operations. This integration will enhance the omni-channel experience, digitally and at the restaurant.

    In collaboration with PAR Punchh’s team of loyalty strategists, Wendy’s will craft a comprehensive strategy, aiming to elevate the guest experience and drive customer satisfaction.

    “Loyalty is not a feature, it’s an outcome – driving more customer lifetime value. We believe that coupling our technology with our skilled team of loyalty strategists not only gives brands the tools to build guest loyalty, but also puts us in the driver seat with them to deliver results," said Savneet Singh, CEO of PAR Technology. “The partnership we’re building with Wendy’s is going to help cultivate their ability to deepen relationships with their fans and stand out. Blending their iconic brand offerings with cutting-edge solutions is a winning combo!”

    This collaboration is the latest example of PAR’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that drive revenue and foster strong, meaningful connections with guests. Over 200 global enterprises in 20 countries, including brands like Casey's, and Tropical Smoothie Café, LLC, rely on PAR Punchh to boost revenue by fostering strong customer relationships.

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