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  • 3/14/2024 Launches New Data Intelligence Suite for STS Cloud

    sales and catering logo, a provider of sales and catering software solutions, announced the launch of their new Data Intelligence Suite for STS Cloud. This groundbreaking suite brings advanced data analytics capabilities to the STS Cloud platform, empowering single and multi-property operators with valuable insights that drive informed decision-making and efficiently close more profitable group business.

    As the hospitality industry evolves and becomes increasingly data-driven, the need for comprehensive data intelligence solutions has never been greater. Recognizing this demand, has developed a powerful suite of tools and features to address the unique challenges hotels, event venues, and other hospitality businesses face.

    The Data Intelligence Suite for STS Cloud offers a wide range of capabilities, including real-time data visualization, advanced reporting and forecasting, and performance benchmarking. With these tools, users can easily track and analyze crucial group and event business metrics. It includes a new Reporting + option with updated output for sales activity, pace, and revenue summaries. This data-driven approach uncovers opportunities for growth, optimizes group sales strategies, and delivers an exceptional guest experience. The suite offers:

    • The ability to analyze and compare team performance across the top KPIs
    • Enhanced portfolio data views with easy pre-sets and custom filters
    • Dashboards with easy-to-understand visualization at a glance to boost team productivity
    • Focus on high-value data points to uncover trends and timelines
    • Purpose-built analytics and actionable insights throughout the sales cycle to help teams close faster

    " is committed to empowering our customers with innovative technology solutions that drive success in the ever-competitive hospitality industry," said Ryan Hamilton, CEO of "The launch of our Data Intelligence Suite for STS Cloud is a significant milestone for us, as it represents our dedication to providing industry-leading tools that enable our customers to thrive in today's data-driven landscape."

    Integration with STS Cloud, a leading cloud-based sales and catering management solution, ensures seamless data synchronization and accessibility. The suite enhances the existing capabilities of the STS Cloud platform, enabling users to harness the power of their data without the need for complex integrations or additional software.  The suite is backed by a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping customers leverage their data and achieve their business goals.

    To learn more about's Data Intelligence Suite for STS Cloud, visit for a personalized demonstration.

  • 3/14/2024

    Tripleseat for Hotels Partners Up with Urban Cowboy Hotels to Maximize Group Bookings and Event Revenue

    tripleseat hotels logo
    Tripleseat for Hotels, a cloud-based group sales and catering management platform for hotels is thrilled to welcome Urban Cowboy, a growing design-driven boutique hotel brand. With three existing properties in Nashville and the Catskills, Urban Cowboy is expanding to Denver opening in 2024.

    Urban Cowboy selected Tripleseat for Hotels for its easy-to-navigate software trusted to boost group bookings, streamline the event planning process, and seamlessly connect every detail across all departments. The all-in-one, cloud-based solution helps teams stay up to date with leads and accounts ultimately driving sales and overall revenue.

    “At the beginning, we built and managed our events program by hand and needed a solution that could provide accurate reporting, save us time, and track our event revenue, all in one place,” says Carly Summers, Head of Culture & Hospitality for Urban Cowboy. “Tripleseat for Hotels offers communication tools that helped us streamline operations, from pitching new business to executing events and collecting payments, all within one platform. It’s truly been a game-changer for our business.”

    Tripleseat for Hotels empowers group sales and catering teams to book, manage, and plan guest room blocks and banquet space, and make real-time changes to bookings regardless of location or device. Offering a range of reporting tools for assessing business performance, the platform facilitates tracking of sales, past insights, and pacing trends.

    "There is no greater satisfaction than witnessing the growth of a customer like Urban Cowboy and seeing their trust in our software,” says Jonathan Morse, CEO of Tripleseat. “We hope to help boost their group bookings and revenue, enabling them to expand further and share their unique and bespoke approach to hospitality with their guests."

  • 3/13/2024

    IHG Hotels & Resorts and EnviroSpark to Scale Availability of Electric Vehicle Chargers at Hotels in the U.S. and Canada

    IHG hotels logo

    IHG Hotels & Resorts (IHG) announced an agreement with EnviroSpark, an industry leader in the design, installation, and operation of electrical vehicle (EV) charging solutions, to make electric vehicle chargers (EVCs) available to all IHG-branded hotels across the United States and Canada. IHG hotels can now partner with EnviroSpark on EVCs depending on their individual needs and requirements. This agreement will further expand on IHG’s 1,100 hotels globally with EVCs, and meet the growing customer demand for EV charging on the road while supporting a shift to a low-carbon economy.

    The EVCs that will be available at IHG-branded hotels in North America are well suited for travelers needing an overnight charge. To help travelers plan ahead, IHG has added an EV-charger search filter on its award-winning IHG One Rewards mobile app alongside a wide set of mapping features

    The adoption of electric vehicles is rising sharply as the global push for net-zero carbon emissions accelerates. According to Goldman Sachs Research, EVs will make up about half of new car sales worldwide by 2035.

    Brian McGuinness, SVP of Global Guest Experience, IHG Hotels & Resorts, said: “Providing guests with more EV-charging convenience is a natural next step for IHG. With iconic road-trip brands such as Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express, taking care of travelers on the road is core to what we do every day. Through our agreement with EnviroSpark, we’re providing even more options for IHG owners to install EVCs at hotels while making travel easier for a growing segment of sustainability-minded travelers.” 

    Aaron Luque, Founder and CEO, EnviroSpark, said: “We’re honored to join forces with IHG Hotels & Resorts in expanding EV charger availability at their North American properties. The partnership reflects our shared commitment to a sustainable economy and aligns with the rising demand for eco-friendly travel options. Together, we aim to create a seamless and environmentally friendly experience for travelers, contributing to a greener future and bringing us closer to our vision of widespread EV adoption.”

    To help accelerate the EV charging infrastructure emerging in North America, IHG is also supporting hotel owners with an EV charging guide with best practices to encourage installation of EV chargers across its portfolio of more than 4,100 open hotels in the U.S. and Canada.

    IHG’s collaboration with EnviroSpark aligns to the company’s responsible business plan, Journey to Tomorrow, which includes a set of ambitious sustainability commitments to drive change for people, communities and the planet. This partnership is also one example of how IHG is working with an increasing number of diverse suppliers through its supplier diversity program EPIC and engaging more companies who share IHG’s values. To learn more about IHG’s commitment to responsible business, visit

  • 3/13/2024

    Turtle Bay Resort Redefines Personalized Hospitality with Salesforce’s Einstein 1 Platform

    salesforce logo

    Salesforce, the #1 AI CRM, announced it is working with Turtle Bay Resort, the luxury vacation destination nestled on O‘ahu’s legendary North Shore, to help the resort augment service agents with AI and personalize the entire guest experience.
    “Our work with Salesforce marks a new chapter for Turtle Bay Resort,” said Robert Marusi, chief commercial officer, Turtle Bay Resort. “By leveraging Salesforce’s powerful suite of tools through Einstein 1 Platform, we are able to reach new guests with a highly tailored approach to our engagement, ensuring that every guest receives a truly unforgettable experience unique to them.”

    “Today, guests have more options than ever when choosing the perfect destination for their vacation, and hospitality companies need to deliver personalized, memorable experiences that make a lasting impression,” said Jeff Amann, EVP & GM, Salesforce Industries. “With the power of CRM, trusted AI, and data, we are helping Turtle Bay do just that, giving guests vacations they will not forget and converting them into life-long customers.”

    Reinventing Turtle Bay Resort with CRM, trusted AI, and data

    Situated on 1,300 acres with miles of nature trails and secluded beaches, Turtle Bay exemplifies natural beauty, and is an eco-friendly and sustainable resort. However, the resort was impacted by decreased travel in 2020, and has been looking for ways to re-ignite revenue ever since.

    Turtle Bay Resort is on a journey to reinvent itself, heighten awareness of its unique offerings, and establish new, life-long customer relationships. Salesforce’s Einstein 1 Platform is helping Turtle Bay connect with its customers in a whole new way, empowering its teams to give more personalized attention to guests powered by CRM, data, and trusted AI.

    • Personalized guest communication: Turtle Bay Resort is delivering more tailored messages to guests across web, email, and social with Marketing Cloud and has seen a 40% uplift with triple-digit conversion growth through advanced segmentation, personalization, and journey optimization.
    • Holistic customer experiences: With Sales CloudService CloudMarketing Cloud, and Data Cloud in one platform, Turtle Bay is working to create a full “Guest 360” of customer profiles for optimal experiences from pre-booking to post-stay.
    • Real-time assistance: Turtle Bay will use Salesforce’s Einstein 1 Platform to improve guest experiences and personalization even more. Data Cloud will segment customers into ideal personas, and an AI assistant will make tailored recommendations. For example, if they are segmented into a family category, family-friendly activities will be recommended.

    More information:

  • 3/13/2024

    VivoAquatics Launches Artificial Intelligence Chat Interface to Help Clients Solve Water and Aquatic Management Challenges Faster

    vivoaquatics logo
    VivoAquatics, a provider of innovative water safety, compliance and sustainability solutions, announced the launch of Blu, the company’s newest innovation in artificial intelligence (AI). Available to VivoAquatics’ customers spanning hotels, resorts, fitness centers and other commercial facilities, this sophisticated chat platform provides users with a wide-ranging knowledge repository.  
    Blu is programmed to deliver timely, in-depth and personalized guidance for addressing both routine and intricate challenges in managing water across a facility, whether it be troubleshooting a water chemistry issue on a swimming pool or evaluating an underground leak. A one-stop solution for facility engineers who manage swimming pools and closed loop water applications, Blu is available 24/7 to facilitate problem-solving, minimize dependence on external consultations and expedite decision-making – all of which is especially needed in markets challenged by staffing shortages and limited on-site expertise. 
    “VivoAquatics is uniquely capable of offering such a powerful tool,” said Willan Johnson, CEO of VivoAquatics. “With more than a hundred million data points captured from IoT sensors, hundreds of thousands of product transactions and a deep proprietary knowledge base, our development team has worked hard to train our AI model to be the most accurate and helpful resource. This is but the first iteration of Blu, and we look forward to working with our industry partners to implement and refine it and move towards making it a foundational part of our overall solution set.”  
    Blu helps eliminate pain points faced by engineers including delays or uncertainties when searching for solutions to urgent or routine issues, the high costs associated with regular professional maintenance services and the challenge of receiving generic advice that doesn’t take into consideration the unique elements of each amenity (i.e., pools, spas, water features) or engineering function. 
  • 3/13/2024

    MTech Mobility Unveils State-of-the-Art Technology Innovation Labs

    mtech mobility logo

    MTech Mobility is proud to announce the opening of the MTech Technology Innovation Labs, a groundbreaking facility dedicated to advancing technology solutions in multiple industries globally. These cutting-edge labs underscore MTech's commitment to delivering innovative, customer-focused technology solutions that drive productivity and revenue growth.

    "At the heart of MTech's philosophy lies a steadfast commitment to innovation that solves organizations' real-world challenges. MTech Technology Innovation Labs embodies this commitment, marking a new era where technology transcends traditional boundaries to create unparalleled customer experiences,” said Tony Fernandez, CEO of MTech. “Our vision for the labs is not just about pioneering new solutions; it's about redefining the future, ensuring every technological advancement we design is in lockstep with our clients' evolving needs. Here, our paths converge—blending technology, industry experience, and strategic innovation to elevate your brand's performance.

    At the Forefront of Innovation

    The MTech Technology Innovation Labs are a dynamic ecosystem that fosters creativity and practical solution development. As a hardware-agnostic and software-agnostic innovation hub, it offers unparalleled opportunities to explore and design solutions, irrespective of hardware or software preferences. This approach enables MTech to serve as a full-service solution integrator for customers, providing hardware, accessories, software and a comprehensive suite of managed mobility services tailored to enhance the efficacy of mobile workforces. This strategy not only simplifies operations but also guarantees that the technology in place aligns seamlessly with business objectives, following a meticulous process of planning, design, configuration, and testing, focused on the customers specific solution.

    MTech invites business stakeholders to explore opportunities to develop new mobile solutions at

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