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  • 2/6/2024

    Choice Hotels to Offer Access to Tesla Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Participating Hotels Across the United States

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    Choice Hotels International announced an agreement with Tesla to offer Tesla Universal Wall Connectors to participating Radisson, Cambria, Comfort, Country Inn & Suites, Quality Inn and other Choice-branded hotels across the U.S. Through this agreement, Choice-branded properties can add four or more charging stations for guests, helping to meet the growing demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging and eliminate one of the biggest pain points for EV drivers traveling for business or leisure. To find a hotel with a charging station, travelers can use the EV charging filter on and the Choice Hotels mobile app.

    "This agreement with Tesla allows our brands to further stand out by increasing access to EV charging for guests and potentially drive incremental topline revenue for hotel owners," said Dominic Dragisich, Executive Vice President of Operations and Chief Global Brand Officer for Choice Hotels International. "At Choice, we are focused on ensuring owners and operators of our hotel brands are set up to benefit from strategic agreements that drive booking consideration and value."

    Offering over 7,500 hotels with more than 630,000 rooms across 46 countries and territories, Choice is uniquely positioned to address the growing consumer demand for EV charging. Guests who drove to its hotels accounted for 82% of all Choice room nights in 2022, well above the industry average, according to data from DK Shifflet. Approximately 90% of Choice-branded properties in the U.S. are in suburban, interstate, and small-town locations, with 76% located within one mile of a highway entrance.

    Currently, 41% of Choice's Cambria hotels offer EV charging, and by the end of 2024, all are expected to be outfitted with at least one charging station. Cambria guests rank EV charging as one of the top three sustainability priorities that they look for when booking a stay. Additionally, several of Choice's corporate offices currently offer EV charging stations, including North Bethesda, Maryland and Scottsdale, Arizona.

    On and the Choice Hotels app, which were recently given top ratings in a U.S. travel website and app satisfaction study, travelers can easily filter for hotels that have EV charging capabilities. Cardholders of Choice's two co-brand credit cards will receive accelerated everyday earnings when using an EV charging station installed at a Choice-branded hotel. Choice Privileges Select Mastercard cardholders will earn 5x points on qualifying purchases at EV charging stations, and Choice Privileges Mastercard cardholders will earn 3x points.

  • 2/6/2024

    MustHaveMenus Introduces Displays

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    MustHaveMenus, the all-in-one platform for restaurant marketing, launches  MustHaveMenus Display, a digital display management system that seamlessly integrates with MustHaveMenus'   menu maker and design tool.

    This  addition gives restaurants a natural link between the creative process and customer touchpoints. When a restaurant makes changes to its brand, menu items or promotions they can be instantly updated on display systems across many screens and locations. Plus, the power of MustHaveMenus' custom design app creates endless potential for engaging multimedia content.

    Key features of MustHaveMenus Display include:

    • Unlimited Creativity: Display works with over 25,000 customizable templates, allowing restaurants to bring any marketing vision to life.
    • Seamless Integration: Display effortlessly integrates with the renowned MustHaveMenus menu maker and design tool.
    • Playlists: Display allows users to create unlimited playlists with custom arrangements of content, timing and transitions.
    • Instant Updates: Updates made to a design can be instantly published to display screens, eliminating unnecessary steps.
    • Custom Schedules: The Display app has advanced scheduling features so that managers can set-and-forget content on their screens.
    • Multi-Location Management: The Display app accommodates the needs of small- to medium-sized restaurant chains.

    MustHaveMenus Display simplifies the way restaurants connect with their customers, making marketing campaigns more efficient and impactful. By seamlessly integrating design capabilities with a versatile distribution system, MustHaveMenus continues to empower the restaurant industry with cutting-edge tools to drive growth and success.

    "Ever since installing the MustHaveMenus product in our Diner we've seen smiles from local clients!" reported Kevin McMillen, owner of the HandleBar Diner, of Mesa Ariz. "Our non-technical business manager at the Diner has taken charge of the entire system and navigates through it with ease. We publish a playlist that shows upcoming events, current menu items and we switch to our 'Limited Menu' during big events all with ease now.  Having this product fully integrated into our Diner's already established systems was a game changer."

    "The launch of Display marks a significant milestone for us, as we strive to provide restaurants with a one-stop-shop for all of their in-store marketing," said Jim Williams, CEO of MustHaveMenus. "We believe this addition empowers restaurants to do more with less. They can create menus and stunning visuals easily and without a graphic designer, then deliver the content to their displays without leaving the program. We want to help them save time while doing great work."

    To learn more about MustHaveMenus Display and how it can transform your restaurant's marketing efforts, please visit

  • 2/6/2024

    PAR, Grubhub Add MENU Link Integration

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    ParTech Inc. has integrated its marketplace order management system, MENU Link, with Grubhub

    Building off PAR and Grubhub’s existing partnership, MENU Link automatically syncs menu items, pricing and other order information between PAR Brink POS and Grubhub. The marketplace order management solution sends incoming orders directly to the restaurant’s kitchen without staff needing to manually enter them, reducing errors, saving time and providing restaurant managers with robust reporting on all Grubhub orders.

    MENU Link seamlessly integrates Grubhub and PAR Brink POS, PAR's cloud-based point-of-sale system. This feature allows restaurants to easily manage Grubhub delivery and pickup orders directly within PAR Brink POS, streamlining operations for kitchen and front-of-house staff.

    No More Tablets

    "How people experience food has drastically changed — especially among millennials and Gen Z — with the surge in off-premise dining and delivery services. While delivery provides diners with seamless ordering, it also creates 'tablet hell' for restaurants juggling multiple apps," commented PAR CEO, Savneet Singh. "Together with GrubHub, our MENU Link solution tackles this head-on by integrating all major delivery services into one system. This innovation provides restaurants the capabilities they need to thrive on digital demand.”

    Restaurants gain centralized control over their menus, dynamic pricing for different channels, store-level information and order data from third-party marketplaces with MENU Link. This unified approach eliminates confusion, costly errors and duplicative work that often comes with managing multiple tablets from various delivery services.

  • 2/5/2024

    Danté Restaurant Adds AI Phone Solution

    voice ai soundwaves

    Voicify, the market leader in conversational AI, today announced it has been selected as the Conversational Voice AI provider for 

    Danté Restaurant and Bar has selected Voicify AI Answering to service customers who call its New York City locations.

    High Volume Calls

    Danté's use of voice AI frees up staff to serve in-person guests and fulfill orders while extending a high-touch, high-end experience to customers who call. 

    Each Danté location fields 1,500 customer calls per month. 

    "We were named #1 World's Best Bar in 2019 and Best Bar in America for both 2019 and 2020, so we have a reputation to guard," said Linden Pride, Owner of Danté. "As a result, we're highly selective when it comes to customer-facing technologies. Among conversational AI providers, Voicify was the obvious choice because of their deep expertise and superior technology. Voicify automates aspects of our front-line service to free up human employees to focus on the personal, face-to-face guest service that has won Danté a top spot in the hearts and minds of so many New Yorkers for more than a hundred years."

    Before Voicify, these calls were answered by onsite staff or went to voicemail. Voicify is answering calls even when the venues are closed.

    Guests can ask basic questions that are answered by Voicify AI Voice Assistants. Questions include 'What hours are you open?'; 'Do you deliver?'; 'Tell me about your menu'; and 'May I place an order?'. With AI acting as a front-line automated assistant, restaurant staff spend less time on the phone and more time serving in-person guests and fulfilling orders. 

    An Intelligent Option

    Danté  is among a growing number of restaurant operators adding Voice AI to help with operations. Recently, Jersey Mike’s added Voice AI Phone Ordering.  Checkers & Rally's, Panera, CKE Restaurants and Good Times are using – or piloting the use of AI – in the drive-thru to help automate the ordering process so that staff can focus on other tasks such as customer service and food production.  

    Voicify is optimized to handle natural human speech. This means that Danté customers can speak their questions or requests without modifying their speech at all. As part of the conversational flow, Voicify AI assists phone customers using the most appropriate messaging method. For example, the AI assistant can automatically send an SMS text with a link to restaurant location directions or the restaurant's online ordering platform. Voicify assistants continually learn and improve based on customer interactions. As needed or at customer request, the AI assistant can connect the guest with human staff.

    Designed to deploy quickly and integrate directly with existing phone, POS, kiosk and other restaurant technologies, Voicify AI sets the standard for conversational AI by learning quickly and delivering intelligent and reliable performance for any situation.  

  • 2/5/2024

    RoomRaccoon Expands Global Distribution Channels Connectivity with New Reconline Integration

    RoomRaccoon and Reconline logos

     RoomRaccoon, a leading Hotel Management System for independent hotels, has announced its strategic partnership with Reconline, a renowned hotel distribution and connectivity solution. The partnership offers RoomRaccoon users a seamless connection to some of the industry's most influential Global Distribution Systems (GDS), including Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo, and Worldspan.

    The integration empowers RoomRaccoon users with a powerful yet affordable way to manage their online distribution. By establishing a real-time connection with major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), RoomRaccoon users can reach over 450,000 travel agents all over the world and showcase their properties to a wider audience of potential guests. This, in turn, can help them to increase their revenue. 

    "As a partner, we are delighted that RoomRaccoon is leveraging our best-in-class GDS hotel distribution technology to provide its hotel customers with the opportunity to tap into new streams of revenue in this growing market segment," said Markus Maissen, Managing Director, reconline AG.

    “As we continue to expand our hotel distribution connectivity marketplace, we are excited to partner with Reconline and grant our users access to their extensive distribution network,” says Steven Reffin, Head of Partnerships at RoomRaccoon. “Thanks to enhanced distribution, our hotels can showcase their properties to a global audience, driving increased bookings and revenue.” 

    Hotels can now automate their room reservation process with the help of RoomRaccoon and Reconline. With RoomRaccoon's Channel Manager, the hotel's property management system can efficiently send real-time information to the distribution system. This ensures that travel agents have access to the most accurate data regarding room availability and rates.

    The RoomRaccoon and Reconline integration is available to hoteliers worldwide. 

  • 2/6/2024

    Nomadix Earns Patent for Enhancing Passpoint (Hotspot 2.0) with Loyalty Program Integrations

    logo, nomadix

    ​​Nomadix® Inc​. was issued U.S. Patent No. 11,855,986 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on December 26, 2023. The patent, titled “Management of network intercept portals for network devices with durable and non-durable identifiers,” represents Nomadix’s ongoing innovations in networking technology and adds to its growing patent portfolio.

    The patent relates to using captive portals to securely manage network access requests under Passpoint, formerly known as Hotspot 2.0. Nomadix’s technology gives hotels and other organizations greater control and visibility over their visitor-based networks, helping drive digital engagement and deliver customized, location-based services and tiered upgrade options. For example, venues leveraging visitor-based networks can offer Passpoint through loyalty apps to offer secure connections to the network, while also enabling better engagement, upselling, tiered service offerings (i.e., events, Wi-Fi upgrades), and payment acceptance throughout the guest’s stay at the property.

    “Nomadix has a long history of innovation including the invention of the visitor-based network and creation of the first captive portal,” said Ted Helvey, chairman and CEO at Nomadix.This latest patent is of similar importance in the next generation of secure authentication and shows our team’s continued commitment to creating technology that provides personalized connectivity and digital engagement opportunities for our customers in hospitality, multi-tenant, retail and beyond.”

    The patent, part of Nomadix's growing network management portfolio, is based on an application filed in February 2020 by inventor Vadim Olshansky. For more information, visit the USPTO website.  

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