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  • 1/30/2024

    New SiteMinder Report Shows Need for US Hotels to Maintain Leadership in Revenue Management as Customer Profiles Change

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    A new report by SiteMinder shows the US hotel industry is entering a new era of travel that necessitates continued best practice in hotel revenue management amid changing customer profiles.

    The report, SiteMinder’s Hotel Booking Trends, based on more than 115 million online hotel reservations, displays the sophistication of revenue management among US hotels relative to the rest of the world. An analysis of day-by-day hotel price variations shows that, in 2023, hotels in the US generated on average $64 more for a Friday stay versus a Sunday stay – a variation matched only by Irish and Australian properties globally.

    The variation in pricing was due in part to a growing desire for deals among travelers who have had to adapt their travel preferences in light of rising costs of living. SiteMinder’s report highlights the rise of hotel booking channels specializing in providing special offers, including online marketplace Hopper and members-only travel club Secret Escapes – both designed to provide exclusive discounts – which entered SiteMinder’s list of Top 12 hotel booking sources for the first time. Additionally, global distribution systems—traditionally used to access the corporate travel sector—featured as US hotels’ fifth-highest revenue-driving booking channel for the first time. Despite questions around the current growth rate for corporate travel, the ranking reflects the continued recovery of the segment within the country and the need for local hotels to adapt their revenue management strategies accordingly. 

    The changing profile of hotel customers was accelerated in 2023 by the grown proportion of international arrivals to US hotels. It grew 17% – from 30% in 2022, to 35% in 2023 – to complement the strong domestic travel market which ranked second globally in its contribution to total hotel arrivals.

    Commenting on the findings, SiteMinder’s market vice president for the Americas, Jason Lugo, says: “Our report underscores the need for hotels to be dynamic in the way they do business, in order to keep pace with their changing guests. Our data indicates that US hotels are embracing dynamic revenue management more than almost any country globally. But in a constantly-evolving market, there is no room for complacency, and it is critical hotels understand not only the need to adopt dynamic revenue management practices, but how every customer touchpoint is now a revenue opportunity.”

    Adds Lugo: “It is clear that while people are keen to continue traveling, they are doing so with a more price-conscious mindset. Additionally, despite recent concerns in the industry, there is room for cautious optimism around business travel in the US. Our research indicates that business arrivals continue to strengthen, and continue to represent a lucrative market for US hoteliers.”

    The annual SiteMinder’s Hotel Booking Trends report is the most authoritative analysis of the hotel bookings made by the world’s travelers. The data is based on the booking data of SiteMinder’s more than 40,000 hotel customers, which in 2023 used SiteMinder’s platform to secure more than 115 million reservations valued at more than $45 billion in revenue.

    Other key findings from the report included that, unsurprisingly, July was the busiest month for US hotels, followed by August and June. September 1 was the busiest day, thanks to the Labor Day weekend, and the average gap between a booking and guest’s check-in (average lead time)––while not yet at 2019’s levels––grew by two-and-a-half days, to 36.5 days, when compared to the prior year.

    The Top 12 booking sources for US hotels

    SiteMinder’s Top 12 hotel booking sources, based on the total gross revenue they generated via SiteMinder’s platform in 2023, were:


    All US properties



    2. Expedia Group

    3. Hotel websites (direct bookings)

    4. Agoda

    5. Global distribution systems

    6. Airbnb

    7. Hotelbeds

    8. HotelTonight

    9. Hostelworld Group

    10. WebBeds

    11. Hopper

    12. HotelsCombined

    1-20 room US properties only



    2. Expedia Group

    3. Hotel websites (direct bookings)

    4. Airbnb 

    5. Agoda 

    6. Global distribution systems 

    7. Hotelbeds

    8. Hostelworld Group

    9. Secret Escapes 

    10. HotelTonight

    11. Tablet Hotels

    12. Mr & Mrs Smith


    SiteMinder’s Hotel Booking Trends is freely available in full here.


    Local hoteliers are also invited to a webinar on March 7, where the report's findings will be discussed in-depth. Hoteliers can register here.

  • 1/30/2024

    ItsaCheckmate Adds Dynamic Pricing Features

    Online ordering on iphone with man hands

    ItsaCheckmate's collaboration with Juicer and Sauce Pricing has strengthened its online ordering platform, resulting in AI-guided data-driven pricing solutions. 

    These updates expand ItsaCheckmate’s integration marketplace – empowering restaurants to deploy effective and profit-driving strategies by optimizing pricing. Informed by data and fueled by machine learning models, these partnerships allow restaurant brands to ditch the one-size-fits-all pricing model and embrace the power of data with tools tailored to their unique operational challenges. 

    Dynamic Power

    Dynamic pricing gives restaurants flexibility to adjust menu prices based on multiple factors, including day of the week, traffic, demand, competitor pricing, and more. In addition, this strategy helps adapt to market changes such as item shortages, rising costs, and even weather. Ultimately, dynamic pricing evens out demand variations so restaurants can operate at full capacity more often without an overreliance on discounts and promotions to motivate customers. Unlike surge pricing – which only goes up – dynamic pricing gives restaurants greater control to adjust prices at scale and boost digital sales during slower times with automated, real-time price optimization.

    Juicer offers a complete real-time restaurant revenue management and pricing analytics solution. Its delivery revenue management module seamlessly integrates with ItsaCheckmate, allowing restaurants to completely eliminate the burden of managing prices on delivery channels.  

    Sauce is the dynamic pricing solution that scales for multi-unit restaurants. With Sauce, brands can leverage customer and conversion data to provide value to guests at more price points, while driving incremental sales across digital channels. Sauce launches on ItsaCheckmate within minutes, allowing  brands to turn online ordering into a profit center while converting more digital orders.  

    While relatively new to the restaurant industry, airlines, hotels, and third-party delivery providers have harnessed dynamic pricing solutions for years. The collaborations with JUICER and SAUCE PRICING give restaurants even more ways to maximize efficiency and deliver better customer experiences.  For more information, visit

  • 1/30/2024

    STUDY: Business Expansion, Automation to Address Staffing Challenges are Top of Mind for Restaurants

    a woman standing in front of kiosk

    Square’s fourth annual Future of Commerce report delves into how consumers are feeling about advancement in automation and generative AI.  The report offers insights on how restaurants are shifting.

    In collaboration with Wakefield Research, Square surveyed thousands of business owners and consumers on restaurants, retail, and beauty industry trends across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

    Oh Canada!

    Decisively, 100% of surveyed Canadian restaurateurs say they plan to expand their businesses in the next 12 months through offering new products or opening additional locations, and 80% report feeling more optimistic about the future of their restaurants. At the same time, approximately three in four Canadian consumers say they expect to pull back on restaurant spending in 2024.

    76% of Canadian consumers would prefer to place their food orders via self-serve kiosks. Customer satisifaction with self-serve ordering is strong; according to HT’s Customer Engagement Technology Study, 55% of consumers are very or somewhat satisfied with restaurant self-ordering technologies such as kiosks.

    Canadian consumers are looking for a tech-forward approach from restaurants – 60% are supportive of local restaurants using AI-based tools.

    All surveyed restaurateurs in Canada (100%) believe AI could solve some of their staffing challenges, particularly food prep robots (44%), voice ordering technology (42%), predictive ordering and inventory management (40%), and food prep and delivery management (38%).

    Other key findings: 

    89% of restaurants say they’ll experiment in the coming year with non-core offerings like meal kits, subscriptions, events, and more. Restaurateurs say that right now, 19% of their revenue stems from products and services outside of their core restaurant offerings.

    Restaurateurs are not only investing in AI to address labour challenges – more established automation tools are also on the agenda in 2024. 56% of surveyed owners plan to increase their spending on technology and automation tools in the next 12 months, and 76% of consumers want restaurants to invest in at least one area of automation when they’re not at full staffing capacity.

    “Automation and AI are going to be key growth levers for restaurants in the coming year, though not in the way you may think,” said Ming-Tai Huh, General Manager of Square for Restaurants. “The vast majority of restaurants will be integrating AI into their operations in small, iterative ways – not through flashy robots but through automation in marketing or kitchen workflows – and these minor changes will add up to saved time and more profit.”

    About Future of Commerce

    The retail and restaurant surveys were conducted by Wakefield Research among 2,000 retail owners and managers and 2,000 restaurant owners and managers, with quotas set within each survey for 500 respondents per market in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Australia between October 27 and November 8, 2023, using an email invitation and an online survey.

    The consumer survey was conducted by Wakefield Research among 4,000 nationally representative adults ages 18+ in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Australia, with quotas set for 1,000 respondents per market, between November 15 and November 28, 2023, using an email invitation and an online survey. Data has been weighted. Download the report here.

  • 1/30/2024

    Choice Hotels Becomes First Hotel Company to Complete Total Data Center Migration to AWS

    Today, Choice Hotels International, Inc. announced the closure of its last data center, making it the first hotel company to migrate its entire system infrastructure to the cloud. Now fully on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the move to the cloud enables Choice to respond to real-time market conditions and provides the company with a flexible, resilient, and scalable platform that benefits owners and operators within the Choice system. Being on the cloud enables Choice to update its hotel-facing operations and management tools more efficiently and more completely layer in the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other cloud technologies to help hotel owners drive profitability and enhance the guest experience.

    “By moving all of our systems to the cloud, we’re ensuring that our franchisees have up-to-the-minute access to the latest innovations, saving time and money while providing industry-leading distribution and digital systems throughout the competitive hotel booking journey,” said Brian Kirkland, Chief Information Officer for Choice Hotels.

    The migration concludes a five-year process and represents a significant milestone in Choice’s continued legacy of technology innovation. The move to AWS Cloud is a key component of Choice’s long-term technology roadmap and involved decommissioning more than 3,729 servers, with over 300 applications retired and more than 250 applications migrated.

    “Choice Hotels leaned in big and early on the cloud, which helped them innovate, scale, pivot, and become a more sustainable business over the last 5 years,” said Matt Garman, Senior Vice President, Sales, Marketing, and Global Services at AWS. “The hotel company has a cloud-first mindset that permeates every part of their business from improved operations to extraordinary customer service, and we're excited to see what they do next.”

    Choice’s work with AWS began in 2015 with the creation of a cloud-based central reservation system (CRS), choiceEDGE. At the time, choiceEDGE was the industry’s first new CRS from a hotel company in over 30 years.

    “Choice operates at the intersection of hospitality, franchising, and technology, and we are thrilled to leverage our cloud-first infrastructure,” said Jason Simpson, Vice President of Cloud Engineering for Choice Hotels. “AWS Cloud was key for us in completing the digital integration of Radisson in record time as well as increasing traffic and booking revenue across our platforms.”

    Choice Hotels has a history of technological firsts and innovation, including:

    · In 1995, Choice launched the first hotel website with real-time rate and availability information.
    · In 2003, Choice launched the first cloud-based property management system (PMS), choiceADVANTAGE.
    · In 2009, Choice released the first hotel app for iOS.
    · In 2014, Choice became the first hotel company to offer instant booking on TripAdvisor. That same year, Choice was the only hotel company listed on Forbes’ Top 100 Most Innovative Growth Companies.
    · In 2016, Choice became the first hotel company to offer immediate in-app gift card downloads.
    · In 2018, choiceEDGE went live for all reservations – the first cloud-based central reservation system (CRS).
    · In 2019, Choice was the first hotel company to commit to being 100% on AWS Cloud.
    · In 2021, Choice launched ChoiceMAX, an AI mobile-first revenue management solution.
    · In 2024, Choice completed its migration to the cloud.

    Now fully on the cloud, Choice will continue to innovate and leverage the power of AI to drive even more business value for franchisees.

  • 1/30/2024

    Oracle Cloud to Help Elevate Property Management for Marriott International

    oracle hospitality logo teaser

    Oracle announced thatMarriott International has selected Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Property Management System (PMS) and Sales and Event Management as a hospitality cloud platform for Luxury, Premium, Select Service, and Midscale Properties.

    “Oracle OPERA Cloud provides an integrated hospitality platform that enables companies, like Marriott, to deliver exceptional guest experiences while supporting increased efficiency and revenue growth across their operations,” said Alex Alt, executive vice president and general manager of Oracle Hospitality. “From upselling to sales and event management capabilities and hundreds of partner plug-ins, Oracle’s security-first methodology and commitment to long-term cloud investments can help properties meet their financial and operational objectives while maximizing customer satisfaction at every touchpoint.”

    Built on the high performance and security of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), OPERA Cloud PMS will give Marriott properties the ability to streamline their hotel operations and guest-facing product offerings, while centralizing data across Marriott’s global footprint for better guest insights, planning, and customer service. In tandem, OPERA Cloud Sales and Event Management will allow the hotelier to optimize its event space, from meeting rooms to room blocks and catering. 

    “Adapting to changing customer needs is essential in our industry. Technology and data platforms like Oracle OPERA Cloud are the backbone of service and empower our associates so they can stay focused on taking great care of our guests,” said Erika Alexander, Chief Global Operations Officer, Marriott International.

    Marriott is also optimizing its HR processes and employee experiences with Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) and is scaling its IT with multicloud architectures on OCI and Microsoft Azure.

  • 1/30/2024

    Pivot Selects Stayntouch PMS to Power Seven Properties

    stayntouch and pivot logos

    Stayntouch, a global provider of cloud hotel property management systems (PMS) and guest-centric technology, announced a new partnership with Pivot, the lifestyle operating vertical of Davidson Hospitality Group. Stayntouch will implement its flexible, modern cloud PMS across seven Pivot hotels in the United States. 

    Pivot caters to innovative boutique and lifestyle brands that are reshaping the hospitality industry with unique service philosophies and data-driven results. Stayntouch was selected as a strategic partner to seamlessly facilitate the change management of Pivot‘s property management system, transitioning it from legacy to modern cloud technology. This partnership brings the benefit of premier customer service, robust functionality, and comprehensive multi-property management capabilities.

    Paula Weissend, regional director of revenue management at Pivot Hotels, said, “Our experience with Stayntouch has been transformative: The system is intuitive and scalable, and the Stayntouch team has simplified resource scheduling and deployment for our properties, even on tight deadlines. The platform's flexibility and comprehensive features are ideal for companies pushing the boundaries of hospitality innovation. Specifically, their multi-property and chain configuration functionalities will significantly aid our team in implementation and portfolio management.”

    Reid Webster, VP of strategic growth and partnerships at Stayntouch, replied, "We are thrilled to embark on a strategic partnership with Pivot, sharing their unwavering commitment to redefining guest-centric hospitality. We designed our cloud PMS to facilitate easy scaling and usability for boutique brands, and we are delighted to witness Pivot-operated hotels fully leveraging these capabilities. Our goal is to be a steadfast partner they can rely on, ensuring they gain the maximum benefit from their new cloud PMS."

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