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  • 1/19/2024

    AHLA Announces Global Technology 100 to Lead the Future of Hospitality Tech

    The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) announced the launch of the Global Technology 100 (T100), a group of the world’s best and brightest hospitality technology leaders that will advise the hotel industry on leveraging the latest technology to better serve guests and maximize profitability.

    T100 replaces three advisory groups within AHLA – HTNG’s Executive Leadership Group, Vendor Advisory Council, and the Industry Advisors. By bringing these groups together under the T100 banner, members can collaborate more closely and reach decisions more quickly.

    T100 will ensure AHLA stays on top of emerging technologies that will improve guest experiences and profitability, while developing best practices and other materials to advise AHLA members.

    Five industry leaders with unparalleled hospitality technology expertise will lead T100:

    • Scott Strickland, EVP & CIO, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts (chair)
    • Luis Segredo, CEO, DataTravel LLC (vice chair)
    • Kristie Goshow, CCO, KSL Resorts (immediate past chair)
    • Jeff Bzdawka, CEO, Knowland (program & membership chair)
    • Bryan Hammer, VP of IT, Belmond (workgroup chair)

    The chair of the group will rotate to ensure technology issues are debated with a view toward resolutions that benefit hoteliers and solution providers.

    “T100 is all about ensuring our industry leverages the latest technology to better serve guests, associates, and communities, while maximizing profitability,” said AHLA President & CEO Chip Rogers. “This group is composed of the top hospitality technology leaders on the planet, and together they will serve as the chief driver of innovation throughout our industry.”

    Learn more about T100 and its membership here.

  • 1/18/2024

    Actabl Partners with Avalara to Simplify and Automate Tax Compliance and Data Management for Hotels

    actabl logo

     Actabl, a hospitality software company dedicated to empowering hotels with actionable insights to drive profit, announced a partnership with  Avalara, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based tax compliance automation for businesses of all sizes, to usher in a new era of efficiency, cost savings, and empowerment within the hospitality industry through tax reporting and data management.

    Innovative Solutions: Streamlining Tax Compliance for Hotel Businesses

    The partnership between Avalara and Actabl consolidates revenue and tax data from various business systems, streamlining tax compliance processes through automation. In the hotel industry, daily tax-related activities involve handling data from various sources, making it a labor-intensive and error-prone process. Actabl recognizes the need for automation, not just for cost savings but also to address the severe labor shortage in the hospitality sector. Hotel management companies can leverage ProfitSword's data consolidation and send it to Avalara, automating their tax compliance and reconciliation processes.

    The integration allows hotel businesses to seamlessly compile data, automate tax return preparation, and file returns using monthly transactional data. This groundbreaking partnership introduces technological innovations that streamline tax compliance, freeing up valuable time and resources for hoteliers.

    “Automating compliance has taken a load off my shoulders each month – I’m confident that property registrations are being completed properly and monthly reporting is prepared accurately and filed on time,” said Trisha Campbell, Regional Controller at Valor Hospitality Partners. “The Avalara team has been so helpful in setting up our tax profile and has improved our business processes. The integration with ProfitSword further streamlines the process by automating the flow of transactional data for recalculation and reporting by Avalara. The reconciliation has enabled us to make upstream adjustments for an increased level of compliance and reduced audit risk. With ongoing staffing issues, automation lets us effectively utilize existing personnel. Between the finance team and the on-property accountants, we’re saving about 5-6 days per month across our hotel portfolio, reducing risk and setting us up for scale without adding headcount. I’d recommend Avalara with ProfitSword by Actabl to hotel management companies looking to streamline their compliance.”

    Oliver Hoare, General Manager of Lodging at Avalara, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, "Tax compliance is one of the most onerous factors impacting hotel management groups and their ability to operate and scale efficiently. Avalara’s partnership with Actabl allows hotel management groups to divert their aggregated data via ProfitSword to Avalara. It’s a win, win, win – an enhanced feature for Actabl, increased speed to market for Avalara, and it gives ProfitSword customers a vastly simplified route to automation”.

    "We recognize the challenges that hotel operators and hoteliers face, particularly regarding tax reconciliation and compliance," said Actabl's Chief Revenue Officer, Jason Luo. "Our groundbreaking partnership aims to address our customers' needs by providing a comprehensive, user-friendly platform for enterprise-wide monthly tax reconciliation and compliance filings and substantial time savings for our customers' accounting and finance teams. We are pleased to add another valuable tool to drive value and operational excellence in the hospitality industry."

    Enhancing Tax Efficiency and Accuracy Through Integration

    Navigating the complex world of hotel industry tax compliance involves dealing with manual tasks prone to errors and audit risks. Tasks such as calculating tax rates and filing accurate returns demand meticulous attention, and any misstep can result in compliance issues, financial consequences, and intensive audits.

    By integrating with Avalara for Hospitality, hotel businesses can access accurate real-time tax calculations, regularly updated tax content repositories, and comprehensive visibility into overall compliance through advanced reporting tools. Tedious tax returns preparation, filing, and remittance processes are automated using Avalara, reducing the risk of audits, effectively managing tax-related jurisdictional notices, and providing a centralized online portal for seamless compliance management with heightened transparency.

    This integration signals a meaningful advancement in automating tax-related processes for hotel businesses, ensuring enhanced efficiency, reduced manual workload, and minimized risk of human error in tax compliance.

    Actabl's Focus for 2024: Expanding Offerings with Current Customers

    As part of Actabl's strategic vision for 2024, the partnership with Avalara aligns to expand offerings to current customers, providing them with comprehensive solutions to navigate the evolving landscape of the hospitality industry.

    As Actabl and Avalara embark on this new partnership, they invite hotels to consider the integrated solution as a digital-first approach to automating and streamlining processes, boosting productivity and efficiency while cutting costs, thereby positioning hotel businesses for future growth. 

  • 1/17/2024

    HotelIQ Unveils Enterprise View Dashboards to Transform Multi-Property Commercial Analysis

    hoteliq logo

    HotelIQ – a business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform, which gives hoteliers access to accurate, consistent property data across siloed business operations, facilitating collaboration to identify new revenue opportunities –  is excited to announce the launch of a revolutionary new feature in the company’s Decision Cloud solution: Enterprise View Dashboards. The six new dashboards – Market Segments, Booking Channels, Room Types, Pick-Up, Pace and Forecast & Budget – will elevate multi-property data aggregation and analytics to unprecedented levels, ultimately leading to improved commercial performance.  

    Designed for intuitive use, these dashboards offer users a comprehensive overview of a hotel group’s entire portfolio, allowing for both a broad panorama and a deep dive into granular details using HotelIQ Smart Search. This dual approach enables users to uncover valuable insights that were previously hidden in complex data sets. enabling users to filter data at the rate code level.

    Each dashboard is expertly designed to cater to different aspects of multi-property management, offering varied perspectives and detailed analytics. Recognizing the unique needs of different organizations, HotelIQ offers three customizable filter slots; users can tailor these slots to highlight the information most crucial to their business, be it Brand, Region, Owner, or other key metrics.

    "The HotelIQ Enterprise View Dashboards mark a significant leap forward in multi-property data analysis," said Apo Demirtas, CEO & Founder of HotelIQ. "Empowering our users with panoramic overviews and customizable filters will transform the way they analyze and interpret data, especially across multiple properties, resulting in improved commercial outcomes. By offering nuanced insights and a user-friendly interface, these dashboards empower hoteliers to make informed decisions, optimize strategies and stay ahead in a competitive market."

    Whether managing multiple properties, analyzing performance across regions or optimizing business strategies, HotelIQ Enterprise View Dashboards provide hoteliers with the data necessary for informed decision-making, leading to increased overall profitability and operational efficiency.

  • 1/17/2024

    Hotelbeds Launches U.S. Team Focused on Casino Hotels

    view of the las vegas skyline

    Hotelbeds, part of HBX Group, has formed a new team in the U.S. focused on casino hotels. With more than 300 such properties across the country, the group aims to offer strategies and solutions tailored to the iconic gaming hubs of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno, Lake Tahoe and Biloxi.

    “We are always striving to be the partner of choice and forming this new team not only enables us to support casino hotels reach through data-led insights on traveler demographics but also attract customers from new source markets around the world when gaming hotels need the business, said Lauren Atlass, Hotelbeds Vice President for North America. Partnering with some of the most prominent gaming hotels in the U.S. also expands our offering within the leisure industry growing our portfolio helping us to meet the needs of even more travelers.

    As the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas and the countrys other gaming hubs attract both domestic and international travelers, keen to experience all the cities have to offer. According to the American Gaming Association, the economic impact the U.S. casino gaming industry is more than $261 billion, while it also supports 1.8 million jobs.

    To further support this new business sector, Hotelbeds has appointed Gianna Rivera as Head of Strategic Partnerships for North America. Gianna brings a wealth of industry experience and expertise to the role, having served as Group Vice President of Distribution & Connectivity at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and as Deputy Vice President in Sales at Accor Hospitality. She is also a HEDNA board member.

    Hotelbeds will use its extensive booking data gained from its 195 global markets to assist its hotel partners in more effectively targeting the right customer helping both the properties and also travel advisors grow their businesses. In addition to its new range of U.S. casino hotels, Hotelbeds also offers tailored ancillary services, including car rental, global transfers and experiences across the country.

  • 1/16/2024

    Tock Expands its Experiences Product Suite To Help Restaurants Drive More Covers, Guest Engagement

    Tock experience tables

    Tock, the reservation, experiences, and events platform for the hospitality industry, announced its latest innovation today, Multi-Experience Tables, to help restaurants drive greater profitability across the dining room. This new feature allows Tock customers the option to offer guests a unique experience, while simultaneously marketing the same table for a different experience or standard reservation.

    "Today's guests are more intentional in seeking out unique and personalized experiences when dining out," said Matthew Tucker, Head of Tock. "Our restaurant partners are very creative in the experiences they offer on Tock, and have learned to turn every square foot of their dining room into a monetizable experience. With Multi-Experience Tables, restaurants now have even more ways to experiment with what appeals most to their guests. This is something our partners have been asking for and we are proud to be the first to bring this to the industry."

    Nearly a decade ago, Tock revolutionized the hospitality industry by introducing prepaid experiences. Today, Tock has generated over $2.25B in total revenue for its partners through experiences. The introduction of Multi-Experience Tables now makes it even easier to assign various experience options to a single table, allowing a restaurant to maximize what sells best.

    Among Tock's many restaurant partners using experiences is Ella Elli, a California-meets-Mediterranean restaurant in Chicago that offers highly sought-after wine experiences. "Our experiential offering has grown into an integral part of our brand, allowing us to extend our reach beyond the traditional dining experience and offer new ways to drive consistent sales during a time and day when our restaurant was not even open otherwise," said Dan Harris, Vice President of Food and Beverage at Ella Elli.

    Riana Mondavi of Charles Krug Winery, another Tock partner, touts the benefits of Multi-Experience Tables: "The addition of Multi-Experience Tables creates a platform that allows us to stay creative. We can offer a range of experiences from the everyday wine tastings to specialized food and wine pairings, allowing us to stay top of mind with our guests. Now, we get to see what appeals to our guests at any given time and learn more about what works best, without taking away things we know they love. It's the best of both worlds."

  • 1/16/2024

    LAIIER Announces Partnership With Comcast's MachineQ For Early Water Leak Detection

    LAIIER logo
    Early water leak detection solution provider LAIIER today announced that it has teamed up with MachineQ, a Comcast Company, to accelerate the adoption of its Severn WLD solution across the US. This collaboration offers a vital advantage to commercial building owners and operators to help detect leaks in their infancy, allowing for swift remediation to help reduce damage and further problems.
    “We’re thrilled to be teaming up with MachineQ to provide a best-in-breed early water leak detection solution leveraging their IoT network connectivity platform,” said Matt Johnson, LAIIER Co-founder and CEO.
    “MachineQ already provides leading brands in the hospitality, food and beverage, and life sciences industries with scalable low-power IoT solutions, so it made natural sense to team up and offer our water leak solution to their existing customers and companies seeking innovative solutions.”
    “We’re excited to power LAIIER’s Severn WLD solution and expand our solution portfolio with their innovative form factor that’s deployable in tight spaces or concealable in high-traffic environments for comprehensive leak detection coverage,” adds Bryan Witkowski, Head of Product & Strategy at MachineQ.“This collaboration reinforces our commitment to driving increased value for our customers with scalable IoT solutions.”
    Already in use with commercial insurance carriers, facilities managers, and hospitality venues in the UK and the US, LAIIER’s Severn WLD has demonstrated its efficacy in helping companies experience fast time-to-ROI. This collaboration enhances the capabilities of MachineQ's portfolio and addresses a critical need for early and efficient water leak detection in diverse industries.
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