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  • 4/26/2023

    More than 40 Percent of Consumers Say They’ll Share More Data to Get Personalized Brand Interactions

    2023 vibes mobile consumer trends report

    Vibes, a mobile engagement platform, announced the final results of its comprehensive 2023 Consumer Trends survey. Vibes surveyed a broad range of over 1,000 mobile-centric consumers with the intention of understanding what the relationship with their smartphones looks like today, how they interact with brands on their phones, and how often.

    Among the core findings were that younger consumers say they now prefer SMS (32%) over email (26%) as their primary channel of communication from brands, and that 28% of consumers under age 40 actually cited a frequency of too few messages as a reason to stop receiving communication from a brand. More than 40% of smartphone users say the information they're willing to give a brand in exchange for better personalization includes their zip code, their name, their mobile phone number and zero-party survey data.

    The survey also found that Mobile Wallet, i.e. a wallet on the smartphone that allows consumers to pay for items online or at the register, is taking off in popularity, particularly among younger consumers aged 25-54. 54% of this group say they're either already using or are interested in using Mobile Wallet to store items such as digital offers and loyalty cards – a terrific opportunity for brands looking to bridge the engagement gap between high-reach, low-engagement channels like email and low-reach, high-engagement channels like a brand’s own mobile app. 

    More than 70% of smartphone users even said they are likely to save and redeem personalized mobile wallet offers or coupons that are enhanced with their name, and that are tailored to their personal shopping preferences.

    “Consumers are telling us that they’ll gladly interact with brands on their smartphones, as long as offers are personal, timely and relevant, and if they allow them to take the next step to using a mobile wallet”, said Jay Hinman, Vibes’ VP of Marketing. “Nearly 70% of consumers already receive text messages and push notifications from brands on their phones, and younger consumers in particular are saying that they love it, with many saying they want even more.” 


    Vibes has made the full report available for download here.


  • 4/24/2023

    Denny's Launches Series of National Wellness, Mental Health Summits

    Dennys exterior of diner

    As part of a national effort to raise awareness and offer expert insights, Denny's is kicking off a series of summits focused on how companies and individuals can better manage and improve their mental health and wellness.

    The first summit is taking place on April 22 at the HPAC Theater in Spartanburg, S.C. The summit will be free to the public and attendees can participate in-person or virtually.

    "Denny's has always been committed to feeding people's bodies, minds, and souls, and this summit series perfectly aligns with our holistic approach to wellness," said Kelli Valade, CEO of Denny's. "The COVID-19 pandemic has placed the topics of mental health and personal well-being front and center. Now is the time to think about how we can bring our whole selves to all facets of our lives, including the workplace."

    The summit keynote speaker is Dr. Daniel E. Dawes, Senior Vice President for Global Health and Executive Director of the Institute of Global Health Equity at Meharry Medical College. Dawes will discuss the importance of addressing mental health equity and the path forward to achieving a healthier society. Other nationally recognized panelists include:  

    • Dr. Shaneeta Johnson, a surgeon, clinician, educator, and researcher at Morehouse School of Medicine and Senior Fellow in Global Health Equity at the Satcher Health Leadership Institute
    • Dr. Monique May, a board-certified and licensed family physician best known as the "Physician in the Kitchen"
    • Dr. Bennie L. Harris, Chancellor of the University of South Carolina Upstate
    • Sharon Lykins, Denny's Vice President of Product Innovation

    "Mental health and wellness significantly impact the quality of life of individuals, families, and communities across the Upstate region and beyond," said USC Upstate Chancellor, Bennie L. Harris, Ph.D. "We are thrilled to join forces with a global leader like Denny's to address one of the most critical public health issues of our time."

    Journalist Roland S. Martin will moderate two panels, "Mindful Eating," which will address the connection between food and wellness, and "Wellness at the Workplace," which focuses on mental health at work.

    A second mental health summit will be offered on October 10 in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • 4/1/2023

    QSR Automations Recognized for Excellence in Customer Service

    QSR Automations customer service team

    QSR Automations earned recognition for excellence in customer service and support.

    At MURTEC, QSR Automations’ VP of Hardware Solutions and Support, Kathi Klein, received fHospitality Technology ’s 2023 Top Women in Technology Lifetime Achievement Award. 

    During her more than 30 years in the restaurant technology industry – half of those at QSR Automations–Klein has amassed incomparable knowledge in understanding and troubleshooting kitchen display, front-of-house, and the associated hardware and networking platforms needed to run them. 

    But what truly sets Klein apart is her natural ability to nurture relationships and foster talent, which has made her an effective leader in QSR Automations’ Support Services Team. During her long tenure at QSR Automations, Klein has built one of the industry’s strongest and most effective support teams. In fact, under Klein’s guidance, the team has received a 99 percent satisfaction rate from customers in 2021, and last year handled more than 16,000 inbound and outbound calls, which earned them a bronze award for Excellence in Customer Service from the 2022 Stevie Awards. 

    This was the third bronze Stevie award for the team, as last fall, Klein accepted two additional bronze awards from the Stevie Women in Business Awards on behalf of QSR Automations–one for excellence in customer service, and the other for growth. QSR Automations was selected for these honors from more than 1,500 nominations from around the world.

    “Just as our technology is the heart of a restaurant kitchen, our people are truly the heart of this business,” said Angela Leet, CEO of QSR Automations. “My colleagues are passionate about innovation both in and out of the office, and it’s immensely gratifying to see them recognized for these achievements.”

    QSR Automations, headquartered in Louisville, Ky., with offices in the United Kingdom, is a global industry leader in kitchen automation and guest management services.

  • 4/26/2023

    Knowland Releases Sales Leader Training Guide to Help Hotel Owners and Asset Managers Protect and Grow Investments

    logo, company name

    Knowland, a provider of data-as-a-service insights on meetings and events for hospitality, announced a Sales Leader Training Guide designed to provide sales leaders with tips for helping property-level sellers get the best results from the Knowland platform and in turn, drive new business. Potential customers gain an in-depth look at the nuances of the platform. Download the guide here.

    Achieving sustained profitability requires sales strategies that start from the top down. Owners and asset managers are looking to protect their investments through targeted data analytics. To help them do so, the Guide includes key questions needed to gain insight into industry trends and property-level sales performance.

    • Best practices for property-level sellers and above-property managers – Short booking windows challenge leaders looking to simultaneously book in the year, for the year, and build a healthy base into future years. The Guide details top activities that lead to success for on-property sales leaders and enterprise best practices to help asset managers better manage their portfolios.
    • Fast, simple directions to better strategize and delegate – Fast, simple directions and next steps help sales teams leverage insights and realize results. Top-level steps ensure sales teams leverage all aspects of the platform, such as Market Snapshot to investigate market trends or Smart Search to research potential accounts.
    • Create a holistic approach to a successful sales program – Key features enable sales teams to drive results. At the same time, leaders and above-property management gain key insights into performance metrics and areas of opportunity. Feature sets help sales leaders keep tabs on competitors (Comp Set Calendar), delegate target accounts (Account Sets) and hold teams accountable (Usage Reports). Market Analytics aggregates the data to provide a holistic view of a portfolio’s performance.

    Patricia Shea, SVP sales and customer success, Knowland, said: “Owners and asset managers ask us all the time, ‘What best practices should I be aware of at property level and what above property metrics should I keep an eye on?’ We set out to answer these questions in a fast, simple way. The Sales Leader Training Guide not only provides best practices when using the Knowland platform but also frames sales team discussions between owners and on-property sales teams.”

  • 4/26/2023

    HotelIQ Launches Decision Cloud

    hoteliq logo

    HotelIQ is proud to announce the official launch of Decision Cloud, a sophisticated analytics and business intelligence solution with a unique Decision Intelligence architecture. HotelIQ’s Decision Cloud, powered by its Decision Intelligence architecture, enables hoteliers to make better, faster business decisions, even across siloed operational departments and, as a result, increase revenue – all from $1 USD per room, per month, with unlimited users. By offering unlimited users at no extra cost, sales, marketing and revenue managers now have access to consistent, high-quality property data, via easy-to-use dashboards and comprehensive reports, making it possible for the teams to work together to identify new revenue opportunities – without leaving Decision Cloud’s digital workspace.

    HotelIQ’s Decision Intelligence helps hoteliers to understand and use data to make better, more informed decisions and then collaborate interdepartmentally to execute actions, based upon the intelligence gathered, more quickly and accurately, than you could with a traditional BI solution. Decision Intelligence results from a combination of four key pillars within Decision Cloud’s architecture: data management, analytics (traditional BI functionality), planning (predictive modeling to develop more accurate forecasts) and collaboration (enabling seamless collaboration within the solution). 

    Decision Cloud gives hotels access to a wealth of data about their property, including performance metrics (i.e., occupancy, ADR, RevPAR, TRevPAR, etc.), pickup and pace, market segments, booking channels, geographic feeder markets and more, in an easy-to-use, app-based dashboard. Decision Cloud makes it possible for hoteliers to better understand their property’s key performance metrics, manage forecasting and budgeting more effectively and identify opportunities to increase bookings and revenue, while eliminating time-consuming manual data analysis. Decision Cloud also offers in-depth reporting functionality, with customizable reports in multiple formats, which can provide insights to a rate code level of granularity.

    “By learning to read and respond to the data behind a property’s performance, heads of sales and revenue management can create more accurate forecasts, set achievable goals and optimize the processes that slow down effective decision-making,” said Apo Demirtas, CEO of Intelligent Hospitality, HotelIQ’s parent company. “As such, Decision Cloud is an operational imperative for hoteliers who are looking for an affordable, effective way to get a 360-degree view of their business, while empowering all operational departments to make better, data-based decisions that will boost bookings and revenue.”

    Data democratization is a guiding philosophy for HotelIQ and Decision Cloud was designed with usability and clarity as guiding principles. In addition to making the solution easy to use, HotelIQ ensured that cost was not a potential barrier to entry; by offering Decision Cloud from only $1 USD per room, per month, with unlimited users, HotelIQ is providing all hotels with access to the property data that they need to improve their forecasting ability, identify low-performance areas and pinpoint key sales levers to drive revenue decisions.

    “With the current uncertainty and dynamism in the travel market, hoteliers are looking for ways to be more competitive and earn as many bookings as possible,” said Sameer Umar, Chief Operating Officer of Intelligent Hospitality. “When you have a detailed understanding of how your property is positioned, you are better able to identify potential opportunities to outsell the competition and boost revenue; that’s where Decision Cloud comes in, as it was designed to facilitate the discovery of your property’s most important data, making maximizing revenue opportunities simple.”

  • 4/26/2023

    Adyen, Olo Partner to Offer Embedded Finance, Unified Commerce Solutions

    adyen and olo logos

    Adyen, the global financial technology platform, has partnered with Olo Inc. to provide restaurant businesses with a faster and easier way to consolidate digital and in-store payments, apply for capital, and manage cash flow. The collaboration will further expand Adyen’s hospitality sector reach by providing Olo Pay customers with the all-in-one Adyen for Platforms experience.

    In the future, participating restaurants will receive advanced payment capabilities and embedded financial services including CapitalAccounts, and Card Issuing

    Launched in 2022, Olo Pay is Olo’s modern payment tech-stack purpose-built for restaurants, providing enhanced fraud and chargeback features while increasing conversion rate. By joining forces with Adyen, Olo Pay will enable its customers to accept and oversee both digital and in-store payments from the same Olo platform in which they manage the rest of their business. This functionality will be available soon in beta for Kiosk ordering before expanding to all card-present ordering thereafter. This streamlined payment stack will increase operational efficiency for restaurant businesses by eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools for reconciliation, refunds, fraud prevention, and chargebacks. The partnership with Adyen will also help brands build more holistic guest profiles by capturing all transaction data in one place, empowering Olo Pay customers to utilize a more data-driven approach to strategic investments and innovation. 

    Adyen will soon enable eligible Olo Pay customers to tap into embedded financial services in order to meet some of their most critical financial needs. Providing capital at speed is especially important in the fast-paced restaurant industry Olo serves, and through Adyen’s Capital and Accounts products, Olo Pay customers will be able to access pre-approved working capital advances intended to support their growth. With the first embedded finance suite to be developed entirely in-house, Adyen’s products negate the delays experienced when applying for capital through traditional banks or fragmented financial ecosystems. 

    Learn more about the Adyen for Platforms, Capital, Accounts, and Card Issuing products here

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