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New Digital Display Tech Enables Experiential Hospitality Spaces

​​​​​​​As travelers and guests excitedly return to restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos and cruise ships, the hospitality industry is increasingly experimenting with new digital display technologies.
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As travelers and guests excitedly return to restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos and cruise ships, the hospitality industry is increasingly experimenting with new digital display technologies that can be woven into architecture and interior design plans to offer unique, memorable spaces and experiences, as well as provide a new advertising medium to generate revenue.

These opportunities abound for property owners of all types, with various sizes of DVLED displays lighting up bars and cruise ship patios and ultrawide displays enabling optimized use of under-utilized wall space.

What Can DVLED Do?

DVLED – direct-view light-emitting diode – displays are not the same as the LCD or LED TVs commonly found in homes, hotel rooms, bars and virtually everywhere else. With no solid glass front, no bezel border and virtually no limitations on size, shape or even curvature, DVLED displays are creating new opportunities to integrate show-stopping visuals in all spaces. Each pixel in a DVLED display is its own light emitting diode, which has led to incredible gains in brightness, color consistency and true blacks thanks to the ability to control or turn off each diode individually.

The technology’s unique ability to expand to any size has made it the go-to choice for many stadiums, digital billboards, transit centers and art exhibits, while also being the only current display type that can be constructed in non-standard shapes. Topping the list of exciting features is the ability to bend or curve DVLED displays to conform to walls or to construct a 360-degree surround visual experience.

With models designed for interior, exterior and even cruise ship patio use, there’s virtually no location a DVLED display can’t fit. It can be an ideal solution for movie theaters, lobby welcome boards, digital artwork installations, stage production backdrops and picture-perfect sports bars. Advanced content systems can increase the utility of larger displays by offering split-window options to turn a single display into a multi display feature wall, all with no bezels offering consistent brightness and color.

So Many Benefits, So Few Limitations

Manufacturers are now offering both packaged and custom DVLED products with various pixel pitches, which determine the resolution and viewing distance of the display. Smaller pixel pitches (the distance between adjacent diodes) are better for indoor or close-up viewing, while huge displays viewed from farther away can use larger pixel pitches without sacrificing clarity. Some movie theaters have even begun testing DVLED screens, and major cruise lines utilize oversized outdoor displays that are IP67-rated and can run 24 hours a day and offer full visibility in direct sunlight.

Designed to simplify install and long-term maintenance, DVLED displays are constructed of cabinets that stack or link together, are filled with small modules and offer accessibility from both the front and rear. Front access can greatly simplify regular maintenance and any necessary module replacements, which makes DVLED an ideal solution for critical areas where downtime would be costly or interrupt operations. Some manufacturers include replacement modules with each purchase and provide in-person training for on-site staff. Some may even offer design assistance for early phase projects to help specify models and sizes, including future products that will be available when construction begins.

DVLED displays already are being used in public and commercial spaces to create engaging, immersive walk-through experiences, from giant screens in New York’s Times Square and to those at multiple major international airports. The tech is equally at home in business settings, with all-in-one, same-day-installation models offering crisp, bright screens larger than any available LCD display. The fact that they are rated to last up to 100,000 hours ensures return on investment and long-term reliability.

Filling Every Need

In addition to the go-anywhere adaptability of DVLED tech, leading display makers have also begun designing specialized LCD displays that focus on messaging and revenue opportunities, such as ultrawide models that provide 32:9 or 58:9 aspect ratios, providing a canvas up to three times wider than the shape of a standard 16:9 television screen.

These displays are best matched with content systems that allow windowing, so owners can create customized arrangements and visuals that include information, directions, alerts, logos, promotions for in-house amenities or events, and even third-party advertisements. They are ideal for use over walkways or in hallways and can also be mounted vertically alongside doorways or on columns. From casino floors to hotel lobbies, ultrawide displays stand out to visitors and customers as creative and eye-catching installations that separate the experience from standard displays.

Manufacturers have also pursued innovation with OLED technology, which is being used to produce curved tabletop sets and even transparent displays. Transparent OLED is almost like a window that can show content, making it an attractive, show-stopping choice for check-in desks and enabling complex interactions between digital visuals and real-world objects.

Great Expectations

As consumers increasingly adopt advanced technologies in their daily lives, their tech expectations for vacations and commercial experiences are likely to evolve. Hospitality businesses that offer elevated experiences not available elsewhere can encourage repeat visits and improve brand recognition. After all, these types of installations essentially promote themselves through guests’ social media posts and word-of-mouth excitement.

Whether a business is looking to introduce new revenue streams through advertising, create immersive attractions, build theaters or help guests navigate, modern digital display technologies provide solutions for every location. When combined with the latest software and content delivery products, hospitality companies can implement automated third-party advertising platforms, expand signage networks and easily manage any number of displays through a single interface.




Daniel Wheeler, DSCE is a Senior Hospitality Account Manager at LG Business Solutions USA, the leading provider of hospitality TVs in the United States and innovator in DVLED displays and other digital signage technologies for the hospitality industry.  Wheeler provides direction and understanding of the LG product line to key customers looking to implement the latest technology, with a focus on DVLED products for the indoor and outdoor market.

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