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Hungry travelers often ask hospitality hosts for local restaurant recommendations. So start-up company MyRestaurantList Inc. launched a new online listing service that enables those working within the hospitality industry to easily make money doing what they have always done: recommend restaurants.
A hotel guest or visitor to a city asks for suggestions on places to eat. The hospitality worker points the guest to his or her own online list of favorite restaurants ( or When the traveler opens his or her mobile browser to view the list, he or she will read restaurant comments and reviews written by the list owner, with star-ratings, and even suggestion on which items to order. After 60 page views to their list, the list owner can begin making money from restaurants that advertise on the list page (fees range from $0.05 to $0.55 per page view). MyRestaurantList signs-up the advertising restaurants, and list owners receive 80% to 95% of all advertising from their own list page. MyRestaurantList keeps the remaining 5-20% as its fee.
Hotels and hospitality workers provide a valuable service when making restaurant recommendations. is a modern way to offer restaurant recommendations while also driving revenue to the hotel’s bottom line or supplementing earnings for hospitality workers. How much money each list owner can make depends on how many travelers view their list page and how many restaurants are advertising on each list. Earnings can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars per year. 
Plus, can be a time saver. Instead of a time consuming back-and-forth conversations about the many local options in food types, menus and atmosphere, a list owner invites travelers to open their mobile phones to view the host’s list page and see all relevant information in one place.  Each list provides guests with a richer set of choices about where to eat. is completely free for list makers, and it takes only one minute to add a restaurant to a list. The ideal list size should be seven to 12 local restaurants, with a cap at 20 eateries.
Restaurant advertisers will appear higher on the list with full details presented to the viewer vs. non-advertising restaurants which will appear lower on the list and with details viewable after a click-thru. Better positioning and more details will help a restaurant grab the attention of visitors while they are choosing a restaurant. It is always free for a hotel with a restaurant on-property to promote their on-property restaurant above all other restaurants on their list. is available world-wide with English language support.  Foreign language support is expected by the end of the year. 
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