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MURTEC Incubators: HT's Program to Champion New Technology

For MURTEC 2017, Hospitality Technology (HT) magazine is launching a new program, MURTEC Incubators, aimed at connecting innovative new technologies with our audience. As part of the program, up-and-coming technology companies will be allowed to describe their new technology in a MURTEC Incubators supplement prior to the show. HT's audience will then be asked to vote for which company they think is most innovative. Each company will be given exposure of their new technology through the aforementioned supplement, contest and November 2016 MURTEC Direct e-newsletter. And the winning company will receive a general sponsorship at MURTEC 2017, as well as an exhibit space to showcase their technology.
To find out more details about this program, please click here.

NOTE: MURTEC Incubators is aimed at giving new up-and-coming technologies exposure at an exceptional value. Eligibility requires that your technology must be new to the restaurant market, specifically released since January 2012 or newer, AND your company must not have participated as a previous MURTEC sponsor.
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