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Montana Brewery & Casino Adds 6’ x 10’ LED Display

Owner of Tilt Würks Brewhouse & Casino replaces bulb-based projection system with a 2.5mm fine pitch NanoLumens LED display.
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Tilt Würks Brewhouse & Casino in Miles City, Montana, thrives on live sports, as well as bingo and trivia nights. As college basketball’s March Madness approached in 2019, Tilt Würks owner Denis Leidholt leveraged the occasion to upgrade the location’s main but out-of-date projection system with a more efficient and eye-popping fine pitch 2.5mm LED display from NanoLumens.

“Tilt Würks Brewhouse & Casino wanted to separate our venue from all of the other sports bars, not only in our area, but in the entire state of Montana,” Leidholt said. “During the evaluation process we had the opportunity to visit NanoLumens' showroom in Las Vegas, and also several of the venues where they had installed their LED displays. We were quite impressed with the professionalism of the NanoLumens personnel, and the quality, warranty, and stunning visual effect of the display.”

According to local technology integrator Randy Walter of Be L.E.D., all of the brewery’s top events — sports, bingo and trivia — require a large video screen that is clear, bright, viewable from every angle and totally hassle-free to operate.

There’s a ‘wow’ factor too.  “It's fun to watch regular customers who haven't seen the LED display yet or new customers when they walk in,” Leidholt added. “They stare at it and then turn around and say, ‘Wow, look at that picture! The colors are amazing! Unbelievable!’”

"It’s an added draw for customers, all on its own,” he added. “They simply can’t get this experience anywhere else in the area, especially not at home, and that elevates the brewery above its competition."

Tilt Würks’ system uses a Novastar video processor to relay HDMI signals and provide split-screen capability. Video sources include a DirecTV receiver for live broadcasts and two PCs for trivia and bingo programs.

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