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Mobilize Your Workforce for Superior Guest Service


In today's Hospitality Industry, delivery of efficient, personalized and secure guest service is critical to guest retention. As technology continues to move into the forefront of customer service, guests are increasingly expecting personalized service from their preferred resort, casino, or restaurant. Guests want to feel that you know a certain level of personal information about them and that knowledge is tailored to meet their needs.

What's just as important as gathering personal information about your guests is keeping their information secure. One topic that is getting much attention in hospitality security today, especially in the United States, is that restaurants and hotels still process credit cards away from the presence of their customers, creating vulnerability with credit card and identity theft.

To meet the demand of increased guest expectations, this whitepaper will outline how the use of wireless, mobile technology in the hospitality industry not only increases the productivity of staff, but helps deliver personalized, secure service to valued guests.

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