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The MobileFirst POS for Full-Service Restaurants

Tabit POS tablet

Tabit is the MobileFirst POS for full-service restaurants with a payment processor agnostic system. Restaurants looking to streamline operations, extend sales opportunities, and elevate their customer experience find the perfect partner in Tabit. 

Tabit is a fully mobile all-in-one solution that has restaurant point-of-sale and back-office functionality at its core. It utilizes tablets as the primary touchpoints, eliminating the need for static server stations. The friendly interface uses familiar swipe and tap gestures that mobile users are accustomed to for intuitive everyday use and easy training. 

Tabit’s 360-degree integrated ecosystem enhances the customer experience by connecting and bringing efficiencies to every interaction point. The fully integrated suite of products serve restaurants that range from a single location to multi-unit operations that require robust enterprise management options. 

Restaurants using Tabit have been shown to:

• Increase in the average per-person check by 15%

• Sell 60% more drinks per person

• Reduce labor on the floor by 25%

• Reduce server mistakes by 80-90%

• Lower table turn-time by 12-15 minutes 

Restaurants are able to accomplish this all using one solution from the palm of their hand.

Payment Processor Agnostic:

Tabit is payment processor agnostic, giving restaurants the flexibility of choosing a payment processor that works best for their needs and budget.

Expanded Integrations throughout our suite of products:

o Hotel PMS options such as Stayntouch and Oracle/Opera

o Back office/Inventory management such as Restaurant365, Crunchtime, and more

o Guest management such as OpenTable

o Online ordering and 3rd party aggregators such as Olo, Doordash Drive, and Chowly

o KDS operations including QSR Automation 

o Loyalty and Gift Card management such as Paytronix

Built for scale:

Tabit’s enterprise-proven centralized control allows multiple sites to be managed from one central location. 

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“Before Tabit our goal was a little over $50k a day. This year alone since we brought on Tabit the last 6-7 months...$130k in one day. We can turn a lot more tables just by using KDS screen alone...this has been really, really a great thing. Tabit support has been huge... 1 am, they picked up the phone. We consider Tabit family, and we love it.” —Michael Brown, Operations Manager, Saltwater Cowboys

Technology/Solution type: A mobile point of sale system with FOH and BOH functionality and reporting. 

Top Innovative Features:

-  Tabit is a fully mobile point-of-sale solution, bringing the point-of-sale table-side with complete contactless functionality and helping servers increase guest spend and enhance customer experience, all while enabling faster table turns.

- Expanded integrations allow restaurants to choose their preferred solution portfolio

- Enterprise management solutions

- Payment Agnostic – choose your payment processor

- Ability to provide real-time reporting of KPIs that are vital for operations management, keeping leadership always up to date. 

Full-service restaurant and hotel customers include:

• Saltwater Cowboys

• Sugar Factory

• Setai Miami Beach

• Max Brenner

• Giannis at the Versace Mansion

• Serafina Restaurant

• Hotel Greystone by Salt Hotels

• Roots Southern Table by Master Chef Tiffany Derry

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