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MMF POS Sheds Light on Illuminated Cash Drawer

The low-light atmosphere in bars, restaurants, night clubs and other businesses can often make cash transactions difficult and lead to increased errors. One solution recently unveiled by MMF POS is the patent-pending PayVue Illuminated Cash Drawer, which uses an energy-saving LED light source to clearly light the drawer for improved bill and coin identification and placement during transactions. 
While many establishments install bright spotlights or tract lighting so that staff can more easily manage the giving and receiving of cash, this can disrupt the ambiance of the business. MMF POS identified the market need for PayVue by conducting research that showed 75 percent of cash drawer users felt that illumination would be very valuable since most users find it difficult to identify bill denominations when performing payment transactions.
PayVue was created to help speed up the payment process by making it easier to identify cash and coin; it will also add a layer of loss prevention by strategically illuminating the area where cash is handled.
Designed with integrated LED lighting, PayVue also features:
•       Heavy-gauge steel construction
•       Scratch and chip-resistant black housing
•       Sleek stainless steel front
•       Three media slots
•       One dedicated integrated LockIt® secure cash drop compartment
•       A five bill, five coin configuration
•       12V or 24V models for seamless integration with existing or new POS terminals or printers
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