Marketing-Focused Customer Analysis Tool Helps Restaurants Drive Sales

Bridg has announced that it has launched Reveal to provide select new and potential clients with complimentary, customized customer data analysis. The intelligence available through Reveal allows restaurant companies to identify and segment customers and track key behaviors, such as visit frequency patterns and spend per visit, which can be used to create personalized marketing campaigns to drive transactions and frequency and improve consumer loyalty.
Bridg’s business intelligence software allows restaurants to meet individual customers for the first time, understand their behaviors, and then market to them in truly personalized ways that drive loyalty, increase frequency, and transform business results.
Bridg works with its clients to put point-of sale (POS) data to work, providing a deep understanding of individual customer purchasing behavior in order to create effective, real-time marketing campaigns that drive frequency, retain current customers and bring back lapsed customers. With Reveal, Bridg is disrupting the practice of high-cost research projects and data analysis by making this highly valuable baseline insight available to restaurant chains that engage with the Company, for free.
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