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Luxury Scotland Resort Adopts Group Sales Software

The Gleneagles Hotel, a luxury resort in Perthshire, Scotland, announces its selection of the Sales Advantage suite of group sales and catering solutions from Newmarket International, Inc. The Sales Advantage will automate Gleneagles' group, corporate and event business processes, from the management of leads and responding to request-for-proposals to room diagramming and the execution of meetings and events.

"We turned to Newmarket because of its complete suite of sales and catering offerings. We want all our business data to be integrated and reside in the same central place so we can streamline our processes and get a holistic view of our customers and operations," says Brett Davidge, project manager at Gleneagles. "At Gleneagles, we pride ourselves at being at the cutting edge of customer service."

The Sales Advantage suite consists of several products including the sales and catering solution Delphi, and Diagrams, an application which will allow Gleneagles to easily generate customized floor plans and setups. Another key differentiator for Gleneagles was the ability to provide dynamic, multi-media proposals through eProposal, and respond instantly to customer requests via MeetingBrokerS, the online lead management tool.

With a premier clientele and high-profile events such as the Ryder Cup, Gleneagles is known for its exquisite property and first-rate service. By selecting the Sales Advantage, the resort will be able to further automate and perfect their services.

"Another goal for us is to nurture new business from the prospecting stage through the booking of the business," adds Brett Davidge from Gleneagles. "With MeetingBroker, we aim to respond to leads faster, while improving our understanding and analysis of what channels are bringing us the best results. We constantly want to measure our process and procedures and improve upon them."
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