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Lessons from Google: Cutting Through Big Data Misconceptions

Janneke van Geuns, Head of Insights & Analytics for Food, Beverage & Restaurants, Google, will present the day two keynote at MURTEC Executive Summit.

Knowledge is power as the saying goes, and this is evident in research that reveals how much businesses are focusing on business intelligence and analytics. According to Hospitality Technology’s 2017 Restaurant Technology Study, improving business & customer analytics came in as the second most important strategic goal for technology investments. Also revealing is that while one out of four restaurants believe analytics & forecasting is a must-have software functionality, 43% of restaurants believe they lag competitors in the use of data and analytics.

At the inaugural 2017 MURTEC Executive Summit, attendees will have the chance to hear from one of the leaders in leveraging data for business – Google. In a day two keynote, Google head of insights & analytics for Food, Beverage & restaurants, Janneke van Geuns, will cut through data misconceptions to get to actionable best practices that will help restaurant operators do analytics right.

You must choose wisely when deciding what data is good data. Analytics is a top strategic goal for 39% of restaurant technology investments in 2017, and its importance can’t be undervalued. However in an age of an overabundance of data, businesses need to crystallize what’s real, what’s “fake” or skewed and how to avoid the pitfalls of living in a data-hungry industry and world. In this keynote, van Geuns, will share her experiences across the restaurant industry to help attendees realize how to engage data to empower their companies.

Janneke van Geuns leads a team of analysts who are responsible for taking analytics and search intent data to tell stories, drive strategy and prove impact for Google’s large food, beverage and restaurant advertisers. Before joining Google, she was a director of strategic analytics at creative advertising agency FCB.

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