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Leo’s Pizzeria Stays a Step Ahead of the Competition with NCR Restaurant Technology

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Leo’s Pizzeria, nestled in Buffalo, New York, offers classic pizza and wings with a next-generation ordering experience. The traditional eatery has been in business for more than 20 years and stays a step ahead of its competition by running its operations from one powerful platform – NCR Aloha.

Leo’s Pizzeria has used NCR Aloha, which is trusted by more than 75,000 restaurants around the world, for more than 12 years. NCR delivers a reliable technology infrastructure and seamlessly manages each of Leo’s five locations, including three franchises and more than 160 employees. Centralizing data across stores, NCR Aloha offers insight into individual store and menu performance, daily and weekly sales and other key performance indicators.

“The menu mix report clearly indicates which items are profit winners versus losers and is an invaluable tool that details what our customers want,” said Keith Leo, owner. “We use it to further improve the customer experience and ensure we are better prepared for any customer order.”

The Leo’s Pizzeria mobile app, powered by NCR, has also contributed to customer satisfaction and a seamless ordering experience.

“We are the first local pizzeria to implement both the app and online ordering, which gives us a leg up on the competition,” said Leo. “Digital ordering has replaced phone and carry-out orders as its faster and more accurate for this new generation of customers. Now, our sales are up 8 to 10% because we listened to our customers unique needs.”

Leo’s Pizzeria also uses NCR Aloha’s database management capabilities to track product inventory, employee schedules, payroll and store expenses. This streamlines day-to-day store management for both the front and back of house.

“Leo’s Pizzeria has taken the initiative to grow with their technology and use it as a tool to enhance the customer experience,” said Dirk Izzo, senior vice president, NCR Hospitality. “We want our customers to utilize their POS to the fullest extent possible and maximize growth for their team and stores. Leo’s Pizzeria is putting this into practice with NCR Aloha.”

Leo’s Pizzeria is always on the lookout for its next technological innovation. Next on the horizon is handheld ordering devices for servers. Leo expects it can will cut ticket times by six to eight minutes and create an even faster, dynamic experience for servers and customers.

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