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Kensington Tours Selects Ingenico Payment Solution


Ingenico Group, a global company in seamless payment, announces it has been selected as the payment partner for Kensington Tours. Kensington Tours will leverage Ingenico's global end-to-end payment capabilities to power its technology for building highly-customized tour experiences for travelers.

"Payments cannot be a pain point for us, as we need tailored solutions and capabilities to match our customized offerings. Ingenico has excelled at meeting these needs and that makes a world of difference not only for us, but also for our customers who want a seamless tour experience from planning to payment," says Alison Hickey, President, Kensington Tours.

Kensington Tours has grown at least 25% each of the past three years. Every trip is tailor-made and private-guided, ensuring travelers have everything they need from start to finish. In the luxury travel space, customer experience has become all too important. By choosing Ingenico as its payments partner, the company is hoping to further deliver on its mission to provide travelers with a unique luxury experience – now with seamless payment capabilities included.

Through this partnership, Ingenico will help Kensington Tours and Travel Edge as they expand into new markets across North America.

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