Jan/Feb 2020

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Jan/Feb 2020

The Second Derivative of Digital Dining

Doubling down on digital and data to grow the bottom line, restaurants will look to leverage technology investments for three key areas in 2020.

A Shifting Landscape as Hotels Seek Seamlessness

Partnerships and purchases in the hotel segment focus on increasing capabilities across guest journey and streamlining connections.

Modern hospitality is the nexus of tradition and technology, where IQ must meet EQ. Emotion and intelligence are key to what will create the experiences of the future.

How The Chedi got patrons staying at its villas and yachts to order in-room dining.

Two ISACs come together to strengthen overall consumer-facing industry.

HT’s Advisory Board weighs in on what problems they want solved first.

Partnerships and Acquisitions Changing the Restaurant Landscape

How Coca-Cola is helping partners optimize operations while improving guest experience with integrated platforms.

HT’s advisors say the path to innovation for restaurants and hotels is paved with a mix of AI, practicality and privacy.