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Introducing a Touchless AI Kiosk: The Next Generation of Self-Service Technology

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Company: Advantech

Product Name: SCO-R100

Email: [email protected]


Touchless technology is increasingly important in ensuring positive customer experiences. A study by the Capgemini Research Institute indicates that 75% of companies believe that customers will continue to demand touchless solutions even after the pandemic.

In an effort to meet these demands, the Advantech SCO-100 self-service kiosk features Ultraleap hand-tracking camera. This camera enables users to select, scroll, and navigate the screen without touching it. When combined with add-on peripherals — like FaceView facial recognition and NFC/RFID readers — SCO-R100 facilitates contactless sign-in, loyalty program enrollment, and cashless payment; producing a truly contactless user experience.

Choosing a kiosk that reflects your brand is vital to your business. That’s why the SCO-R100 sports an eye-catching form factor that invites customer interaction. The SCO-R100 covers an area smaller than a ledger size paper to maximize counter space and produce a minimalist aesthetic. Advantech’s SCO-R100 adopts a modular approach to peripheral integration. It leverages plug-and-play modules that allow customers to adapt their kiosks to their unique requirements with ease. The Advantech SCO-R100 is also designed with serviceability and provides a front access point that enables easy paper roll changing and a side door for component upgrades and maintenance. No screwdriver or special tools are needed, as all the modules are quickly hot-swappable using captive fasteners. 

This solution engenders synergy within the strategic partner eco-system, covering peripheral providers, AI, sensing innovators, and system integrators. SCO-R100 leverages Advantech’s DMS expertise and is adaptable to further customization. This technology allows customers to choose the colors and logo associated with their brand, or even create a fully bespoke kiosk solution. 

Advantech Applied Computing Group (ACG) is a dedicated team that provides professional customization services for retail and hospitality alongside other diverse verticals. To find out more about Advantech Design and Manufacturing Services visit:

“The Advantech SCO-R100 redefines customer experiences by bringing touchless, self-service capabilities to the next level — indeed, it is effortless, hygienic, and fun,” proclaimed an undisclosed leading system integrator and software provider in the POS and kiosk industry
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“At-a-Glance” information:

Touchless AI Self-Service Kiosk

Innovative Features:

● AI & 3D depth sensing technologies support touchless/contactless interaction

● Stylish design and space-saving footprint

● Modular approach for easy configuration and serviceability

● Diverse peripheral options: 3D stereo camera, FHD user facing camera, 2D imaging scanner, receipt printer, LED status, light bar, NFC/RFID reader, WiFi, 4G connectivity, and custom bracket support for EMV payment terminals

● ODM design and manufacturing services

Existing customers for this technology include:

● Self-checkout kiosks for supermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies.

● Self-ordering kiosks for casual dining and quick service restaurants.

● Hotel check-in/checkout kiosks & hotel grab-n-go convenience markets.

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