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The Importance of Managed Security & Network Standarization

Mark Wayne, Viking Cloud
Mark Wayne, Chief Revenue Officer, VikingCloud

Please speak to the benefits of a managed security and network standardization program for restaurants.

A managed security and network standardization program for restaurants is the single most effective investment an owner/operator can make in 2022 as it directly impacts each of the top 2022 strategic technology goals:

  • Improves the digital customer engagement
  • Creates a platform for improved business analytics
  • Improves operational efficiencies, delivers 24x7x365 IT support and reduces technology outages directly impacting employee productivity and retention
  • Reduces costs, improves revenue and EBITDA, thus attracting top of the line franchisees and General managers
  • Creates a framework for all off-premise sales supporting new revenue-generating opportunities
  • Improves customer satisfaction through optimized eCommerce/Omni-Channel 
  • Enhances the payment and data security associated with the digital transformation
  • Increases the customer ease of use for off-prem sales avenues

What are some critical considerations for restaurant BOH operations, security, and efficiency?

As the need for technology grows, so does the risk of data compromise, technology outages and the need for skilled in-house technology resources. A managed security and network standardization program delivers eyes on the glass and proactive and critical firewall rule set upgrades around the clock, reducing the chance of compromise while delivering 24 x 7 x 365 qualified IT support to remediate any technology outages, thus improving mean time to repair numbers and reducing the overall support costs to the brand.

How can restaurants balance guest experience with security concerns?

Restaurant owner/operators want and need the latest and greatest technology to attract and retain customers. The market trends support the fact that off-premise channels are growing and are here to stay.  Rapid advancements in the Restaurant Internet of Things (RIOT) and customer demand for the path of least resistance to order food compounded the issue.  Without a professional managed network security partner proactively monitoring and managing the network, it is only a matter of time before the brand and its customers fall prey to an attack, costing millions of dollars in fees, fines, and lost revenue resulting in long-term damage to brand equity.

How have contactless payments changed the restaurant security game? How do you expect that landscape to evolve?

Contactless payments have optimized the restaurant guest experience while creating operating efficiencies and increased profitability for restaurant stakeholders. Technology advancements will only speed up in the future, further changing the way that restaurant owners advertise, order, create, package, serve and deliver their food. The level of complexity has taken the DIY owners out of the game, forcing owner/operators to invest in managed network security companies to take over end-to-end management and support of restaurant technology stack. This decision has become easy for owners, as the top managed network security companies deliver compelling ROI models. They quantify the value of their service on critical restaurant up-time and translate that value into improved customer satisfaction, reduced headcount, and improved AUV and profitability. 

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