HTNG to Start Three New Workgroups

Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) identifies three new emerging hospitality technology topics and launches a 5G for Hospitality Workgroup, a Converging AV and IT Workgroup and a Wireless Power Workgroup.

HTNG’s 5G for Hospitality Workgroup will produce white papers to educate the hospitality community on the characteristics and capabilities of 5G, articulate the implications for existing network infrastructure and 5G’s potential for the hospitality ecosystem. These white papers will identify and prioritize 5G’s impact on the guest experience, identify operational needs and explain potential business models, business relationships, scenarios, use cases and upgrade paths.

Interim chairs for the 5G for Hospitality Workgroup are Alp Basol of AT&T, Dayna Kully of 5thGenWireless, Kurt Jacobs of JMA Wireless and Fernando Perez of JMA Wireless. This group will kick-off on Thursday, June 27 at 10:00 a.m. CST.

AV equipment is still early in its deployment of Internet Protocol (IP) as a standard, leading to potential inconsistencies in implementation. HTNG’s Converging AV and IT Workgroup seeks to improve the event/guest experience, improve space ROI, better accommodate fixed and portable AV technology for meetings, converge AV equipment onto the IP network and improve the overall aesthetic look.

Interim chairs for the Converging AV and IT Workgroup are Matthew Harvey of PSAV and Jeff Loether of Electro-Media Design. This group’s kick-off call occurred on Monday, June 24.

HTNG’s Wireless Power Workgroup will create a buyer’s guide to provide the hospitality industry a high-level overview of important questions to ask when selecting, purchasing, installing and maintaining wireless power solutions for their properties. The goal of the buyer’s guide is to help hospitality brands and ownership groups choose the right equipment to improve the guest experience.

Interim chairs for the Wireless Power Workgroup are Ryan Sanderson of Aircharge and Jono van Deventer of Chargifi. This group kicked off the morning of Tuesday, June 25.

To find out more information or to join any of these groups, please visit:

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