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HTNG Releases CBRS Business Models


HTNG's Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) for Hospitality Workgroup offers a new opportunity to the hospitality industry to integrate mobile broadband access within operations and to help benefit customers.

The CBRS Business Models document addresses models that can support the functionality and funding of a wireless network in this technology. The document is the second publication from the CBRS for Hospitality Workgroup; for an introduction to this topic, please review the group's first publication, the CBRS for Hospitality White Paper.

The business models in this new document describe the aspects of deploying a CBRS network based on the use cases addressed in the previous white paper. Each model describes what entity is financially responsible, what entity provides the upfront equipment and installation work, and what entity is responsible for ongoing monitoring and managing of the systems.

Download the document here:

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