HTNG Launches Next Generation Distribution Messaging Workgroup

HTNG said it launched a Next Generation Distribution Messaging Workgroup. The workgroup will identify and examine the connectivity of open source and proprietary messaging standards evolving in the travel industry, including IATA’s (International Air Transport Association) New Distribution Capability (NDC) and the OpenTravel Alliance 2.0 object model.
Both NDC and OpenTravel 2.0 introduce the notion of Offers and Orders that brings the industry closer to a world of true retailing, enabling a richer booking experience and greater opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling, resulting in increased value.
“In order to redefine distribution solutions and provide a rich, seamless experience for guests, we must have agile, integrated systems across an increasingly complex travel ecosystem," said Riko van Santen, vice president of digital strategy and distribution, Kempinski Hotels. "We can only do that by embracing technology standards of the industry, which are not fully synchronized today.”
In addition to IATA and OpenTravel, wide participation in this workgroup is expected from hotel companies, distributors and technology companies. Their efforts will generate a recommended path forward, including potential benefits, impacts and alignment opportunities.
“This workgroup will strive to solve this issue for the benefit of all travel companies and, ultimately, the consumer,” van Santen said.
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