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How Restaurants Are Using Digital Signage Right Now


Restaurants are putting digital signage to work from the curbside to dining areas to back rooms, using vibrant displays to communicate clearly and safely to their guests and employees:

Digital sandwich boards: A-frame signs are catching the attention of foot/drive-by traffic with key information like promotions or current service availability (ex. curbside only) or hours. They also help inform guests in queues about pick-up procedures, ready orders and wait times and remind them about mask and social distancing requirements. 

Bright in-window signage: Restaurants are using extra bright displays in restaurant windows adjacent to parking lots to display order pickup information, marketing messages and even giant QR codes, so guests can navigate right to online order sites on their phones.

Digital in the drive-through: Operators are increasingly digitizing their drive-thrus with bright, easily updated dynamic displays so they can adjust offerings based on daypart, promotions, weather and inventory levels.

Digital menu boards: Digital signage not only enables easy changes based on daypart, demand and promotions, but also helps meet menu labeling requirements. Digital menu boards or other digital signage is also being used during slow & off hours to train employees and provide updates on store procedures.

Small-form factor digital signage: Tablet-sized screens are helping restaurants deliver short messages like wait times or order-ready numbers, as well as serving as ordering kiosks and employee training portals. New no-contact options, such as interacting with screens via gesture, voice or by pairing it with the guest’s smartphone via QR code, make guests more comfortable using the technology.

AI-enabled signage: Artificial intelligence is helping restaurants ensure both performance—the right content is playing at all times and nothing is frozen or blacked out—as well as making content context-aware: weather, location, age/gender of the viewer, etc. And by integrating cameras, readers, beacons, and/or sensors, digital signage can count how many people enter or leave the restaurant, as well as how many are wearing masks, and even take guests’ temperatures.

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