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How to Provide the Best Order & Pay Experience

Paytronix Order & Delivery offers brands what they need to be successful in today's digital ordering environment.

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Paytronix Order & Delivery employs the latest cloud technology to enable rapid processing of digital orders. With an intuitive guest ordering interface, digital ordering management tools, more than a dozen POS integrations, and the best loyalty integration on the market today, Paytronix Order & Delivery offers brands what they need to be successful in today’s digital ordering environment.

Actively used at more than 4,000 locations by companies like Red’s Savoy Pizza, a brand that is using both Paytronix Loyalty and Paytronix Order & Delivery, this technology suite delivers an exceptional guest experience both in-store and online. Consolidating both its rewards program and its various takeout channels on the Paytronix platform empowers Red’s Savoy to maintain one view of its guests no matter how they choose to purchase and enjoy their pizza. It also delivers a contactless shopping experience that lets guests feel safer.

“In 2020, our online tickets are way up in quantity as well as order value,” said Reed Daniels, president and CEO, Red’s Savoy Pizza. “Paytronix Order & Delivery enables us to meet our guests’ expectations for a contactless shopping experience where they do not have to worry about cleanliness and germs.”

Paytronix Order & Delivery includes:

  • OX Builder. With custom styles and an easy-to-use interface, Order Experience Builder enables you to break out of one standard template to tailor the look and feel of your ordering site to fit your brand.
  • Menu Management. You can automatically map menu items from your POS, mark items as “out of stock,” make system-wide menu changes, create bundled offers, and provide local store access.
  • Menu Variant Testing. Test menu designs and descriptions using the power of artificial intelligence to drive sales and increase revenue.
  • Native Loyalty. Loyalty rewards and coupons are easy to earn and redeem as they are a standard part of the ordering and payment flow.
  • Handoff. Takes orders directly from third-party marketplaces like Grubhub and Uber Eats and insert them into the POS system automatically.
  • FEEDbackSM Get guest feedback into the hands of your front-line managers ASAP so that they can recover quickly from operational or service-related issues. One click sends a personalized apology and win-back offer to guests on the fly.

Guests will love it when they can:

  • Place orders for pickup or delivery on a desktop or mobile app.
  • Reorder with the click of a button.
  • View mouthwatering food and beverage images.
  • Pick pizza toppings using a simple selector.
  • Earn and redeem loyalty currency.

To request a demo call 617-649-3300 ext 5 or visit