How Digital Solutions Can Enhance Efficiency, Security & ROI

Jason Harper, CEO, CeloPay
How can a web-based payment system enhance efficiency and ROI for hotel operators?
For so long we have implemented traditional payment systems because that is the way it has always been done. Today, modern web-based payment systems can offer hotels a high-degree of flexibility, convenience and efficiency. In many cases, these types of systems can also protect hotels from falling victim to EMV liability. From accepting payments where you want, when you want, to building advanced levels of automation and fraud protection, a robust web-based payment system can quickly remove barriers while optimizing your workforce and earning a quick return.
As more and more data is collected digitally, customers are more aware of security concern. How can hotel operators ensure data security?
I firmly believe that data security is an opportunity. It is an opportunity for hoteliers to protect sensitive and personal data with a similar care and thoughtfulness given to the guest experience. In fact, I would argue that data security is an inextricable part of the guest experience. By demonstrating to guests that the protection of their data means just as much as their experience in the hotel, you have an opportunity to build trust, loyalty and gratitude for your brand.
How would you explain software as a service (SaaS) in layman’s terms? And speak to its benefits?
Software as a service is an increasingly popular delivery format whereby hotels are able to use a software platform in exchange for a recurring fee. I am a tremendous fan of this approach to procuring software because it offers the hotelier so many unique benefits. Most importantly, the provider is responsible for the infrastructure (servers, connectivity and more), not the hotel. Additionally, hotels are often able to make use of software that may have otherwise been out of financial reach in a more traditionally licensed model. Finally, but significantly, a SaaS product is continually being improved. For a hotel, this means new features and benefits with no additional costs.
With contactless or touchless guest experiences becoming key initiatives for many hotels, what are some important considerations when selecting a technology partner?
The hospitality industry is going through an undeniable transformation that will likely have lasting impacts on the way we operate and what our guests expect. Hotels have key decisions to make on how they will meet these demands and which partners are best suited to help them with that journey. In addition to having a robust, customizable software offering, I would seek a partner with deep industry knowledge, a long-standing record of success and a customer-first mentality. A guest’s digital encounter with your brand before they arrive will leave a lasting impact and set the tone for their physical arrival. We should demand excellence during this process and select partners capable of delivering nothing less.