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How Digital Signage Sparks Spontaneous Experiences and Reshapes the Guest Experience

Digital signs can become invaluable allies, guiding visitors through the labyrinthine corridors, sharing personalized recommendations, and fostering an environment of seamless navigation.
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In an era where every aspect of our lives seems to be meticulously choreographed, digital signage technology is reshaping the guest experience in the hospitality industry, encouraging impromptu moments that captivate visitors and leave a lasting impression.

Leisure travel is enjoying a resurgence in the hospitality industry; research shows that most (87%) of 1,000 Americans “expect to travel at least as much as they did in the prior year,” with nearly half (49%) expecting to travel even more. With more guests on property, leaders in the hospitality industry must communicate with them in an effective, compelling, and personalized way.

But with a lobby, restaurant, and bar teeming with guests, how can each person get timely information relevant to their stay?

Digital signage, of course.

With its ability to provide up-to-the-minute updates, promotions, wayfinding, and more, digital signage encourages guests to explore new horizons and embrace the serendipitous. Whether discovering a hidden gem within the hotel premises or exploring the city's vibrant culinary scene, digital signage empowers hotels and venues to foster a sense of adventure.

A stunning visual of a sunset cruise along the coastline, an invitation to a pop-up art exhibition, or a notification about a live music performance at the hotel bar—all these elements create an atmosphere that celebrates the thrill of spontaneity.

The strategic placement of digital signs within hotels and venues is not merely for decorative purposes. They become invaluable allies, guiding visitors through the labyrinthine corridors, sharing personalized recommendations, and fostering an environment of seamless navigation. This thoughtful integration transforms digital signage from static displays into interactive tools that heighten overall guest satisfaction.

Empowering Guests On- and Off-Property

The impact of digital signage on the guest experience extends beyond the physical confines of the hotel or venue.

It can even be a catalyst for partnerships and collaborations.

Hotels and venues can showcase advertisements or sponsored content on their digital signs, featuring local attractions, restaurants, or entertainment venues. By fostering these mutually beneficial relationships, establishments can provide valuable recommendations to their guests and generate additional revenue streams through advertising partnerships.

Imagine a traveler strolling through the lobby, captivated by a digital sign showcasing a limited-time offer for an off-the-beaten-path tour. With a few taps on their smartphone, they secure a spot on the excursion, opening the door to a serendipitous journey filled with authentic experiences and unexpected encounters.

In this "seize the moment" environment, guests are no longer passive observers but active participants, co-creators of their own remarkable narratives.

By integrating with other digital platforms, like mobile applications or in-room entertainment systems, digital signage ensures consistent and cohesive messaging across multiple touchpoints. From the initial online booking experience to the moment when guests step foot in the property and beyond, the synchronized content amplifies the brand's identity, strengthening the connection between the guests and the establishment. This harmonious integration creates a seamless journey where guests feel a sense of familiarity and continuity throughout their stay.

Driving Revenue through Customized Signage

By strategically promoting services, amenities, and upcoming events, hotels and venues can maximize awareness, piquing guests' curiosity and enticing them to indulge in additional experiences they might have otherwise overlooked. In this way, digital signage can be a tool to cross-sell and up-sell.

Picture a guest walking through a bustling hotel corridor, glancing at a digital sign showing a limited-time offer for a luxurious spa package. These captivating visuals and compelling messaging create an irresistible allure, prompting the guest to embark on an impromptu journey of relaxation and rejuvenation. This strategic promotion not only enhances the guest experience but also drives revenue by capitalizing on the momentary inspiration and desire for indulgence.

Customized signage also allows hotels and venues to tailor their messaging to specific guest segments, amplifying the potential for revenue generation. For example, a business traveler might receive a notification about a discounted rate for a meeting room rental, while a family on vacation might be enticed by a digital sign showcasing a special deal for a fun-filled day at the hotel's water park. This level of customization speaks directly to guests' interests and needs, increasing the likelihood of conversion and revenue generation.

Deploying Customized Communications through Location-Based Data

By integrating guest data, like past behavior, demographic information, and stated preferences, hotels and venues can craft personalized communications that captivate and engage. Whether promoting a guest's favorite cuisine at a nearby restaurant or offering a discount on a preferred activity, digital signage becomes a personalized concierge, anticipating guests' desires and delivering curated recommendations.

Integrating location-based data adds another layer of sophistication to these customized communications. By identifying guests' proximity to specific services or amenities, hotels and venues can deliver targeted promotions and offers, increasing the likelihood of conversion. For instance, a guest passing by the hotel's fitness center may receive a digital push notification to their mobile device about a discounted personal training session, enticing them to take advantage of a tailored workout experience.

By providing valuable insights and personalized suggestions, hotels and venues are trusted guides, enhancing the overall guest experience and fostering a deeper appreciation for the destination.

Integrating technology into hotels brings forth a new era where personalized experiences, data-driven insights, and captivating displays converge to shape the future of the guest experience.

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