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HITEC 2017 NEWS: ADB Reveals vuTyme Lite for Economy Hotels

At HITEC Toronto, ADB launched an interactive TV solution for in-room entertainment that enables economy hotel owners to offer their guests the rich viewing experience they expect, but without the robust concierge services built in. vuTyme Lite -- a scaled-back version of its popular vuTyme 4.4 in-room IRE solution -- offers an All-IP digital platform (ADB 1640W set-back box) that reduces the cost of the in-room device. With reduced software features, no third-party licensees, and the new low-cost ADB 1640 in-room device, total cost of ownership to the hotelier is as a much as 40 percent less.
vuTyme Lite was designed to address hotel market segments that have been neglected by higher-end solution developers. Until now, economy properties have been caught in the middle, having to purchase more than their guests’ need or alternatively choosing a basic free-to-air subpar service reducing guests’ satisfaction. Like the company's 4th generation solution vuTyme, vuTyme Lite operates in the cloud, requiring no hotel head-end equipment – just a compact set-back box discretely mounted behind the TV.
vuTyme delivers a complete set of in-room services, including live TV, Video on Demand, Pay-per-view, concierge, local channel, digital signage and targeted advertisements. It also provides Searchable Interactive Program Guide, direct-to-guest messaging through the TV, local attractions map with QR Code, Pause/Rewind/Fast-Forward Live TV, and other guest-friendly features.
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