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Hardee's Franchisee Catches Discount Abuse with POS-integrated Video

The 21-unit Hardee’s franchisee, OTAC, Inc., has selected Envysion as its exclusive video provider and is deploying the company’s Envysion Insight solution to all existing locations throughout Maryland and Delaware. OTAC’s locations will use Envysion’s point-of-sale (POS) integrated managed video to support loss prevention, improve operations and drive bottom line profit improvements.
Leveraging Envysion’s comprehensive MVaaS platform, OTAC operators are able to track a variety of operational data points that have an impact on profit. For instance using Envysion’s motion mask feature, OTAC was able to identify several employees violating cash handling and safety and security procedures. Using Envysion’s robust exception reporting capabilities, OTAC operators can also pinpoint potentially fraudulent transactions such as voids and discounts. Initial use has identified several incidents of suspicious activity. Within a month of use, OTAC operators identified a pattern of employee discounts given at the drive-thru, which is a policy violation.
“We evaluated several video providers and even considered purchasing a system outright. None of them provided the ROI or financial impact to our bottom line like Envysion’s solution does,” says Fred Mattes, director of physical facilities for OTAC. “With Envysion Insight we have already identified and curtailed several incidents of fraudulent transactions and procedure violations that were costing us money.”
Envysion Insight integrates managed video surveillance with point-of-sale (POS) systems. In addition to the customary benefits of video surveillance – increased security and reduced loss from vandalism, theft and unfounded liability claims – Envysion Insight automatically tracks potentially fraudulent transactions such as voids, returns, discounts and coupons.
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