GuestMagic.AI Wins HTNG TechOvation Award


HTNG proudly crowns GuestMagic.AI by InnSpire the 2019 HTNG TechOvation Award Winner at the HT-NEXT Awards Program in New Orleans.

GuestMagic.AI is an online AI-driven platform for hoteliers that uses machine learning to anticipate the next step of the guests to deliver the right service at the right time. It’s device agnostic from smart-phone to tablet, to TV, to voice, and beyond. Using the digital guest journey as a footprint to enhance every technical touch-point in the guest’s path, the result is to have the experience flow like magic.


Data Laundry by dailypoint was a finalist in this year's TechOvation Award. The patent-pending and fully automated cleaning method, Data Laundry, reviews key data points collected by dailypoint, merges duplicates, corrects mistakes from human errors and ultimately creates a single profile for each guest. The clean data is then pushed back to the PMS and stored in dailypoint so all data is up-to-date across sources, allowing hotels to have a single source of truth for all guest data.

TraknProtect’s Safety Button was also a finalist in this year's TechOvation Award. This safety button is designed to protect guest room attendants in the hospitality industry, where instances of sexual harassment and assault have become too common. When feeling threatened or uncomfortable, a housekeeper can press the safety button. Once pressed, designated security personnel are alerted and given a precise location in order to provide immediate assistance in a situation where every second counts.

Datatrend Technologies served as the HT-NEXT Awards Program sponsor for the third year in a row. 

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