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Game On: Pokemon Go Craze Boosts Biz for Restaurants

The game is certainly afoot – and yielding more foot traffic – for restaurants these days with the fervor for Pokemon Go, the smartphone game from Nintendo which launched last week. The game, which launched last week, requires users to go to specific sites to “catch” PokÉmon and features augmented reality using a smartphone camera to allow Pokemon characters to pop up anywhere – including restaurants.
Eateries are reporting that the appeal of catching Pokemon has been driving diners to locations and smart operators should look to capitalize on this craze. According to Business Insider, a quick check on social media can reveal just how compelling the Pokemon Go craze is getting, with Pokemon Go users taking to Twitter to reveal how Pokemon Go is influencing their dining choices.


Already restaurants are looking to turn the game into a marketing opportunity by creating Lure Modules to entice the Pokemon-crazed crowds.



According to PCmag, “PokÉmon Go is what happens when you take a beloved video game property with two decades' worth of smartphone-wielding fans, and give them a free augmented reality (AR) mobile application that forces them to walk (and keep walking) around their neighborhoods. The app has its own internal freemium monetization with its Shop, but PokÉmon Go is also transforming the power of Internet-driven e-commerce for the brick-and-mortar retail and service world. The millions of US-based small to midsize businesses (SMBs) amidst a sea of PokÉstops and PokÉgyms are now seeing a seemingly endless stampede of foot traffic toward the point-of-sale (POS).”
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