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Executive Q&A: How Connected Technology in Restaurants Will Take Over in 2023

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Brandan Rabdau, CRO, Mad Mobile

What does the acceleration of connected technology mean for Mad Mobile’s restaurant technology in 2023? 

In the era of today’s digital-first consumers and post-COVID environment, online ordering, mobile-first dine-in experiences, delivery, takeout, and other digital interactions have become the main revenue stream for restaurants. 

The future of POS software is about engaging with customers in new ways. The POS system has become more than just an ordering and payment station. It now offers automated features and integrations that can scale according to your restaurant's needs today, or five years from now, regardless of the ordering journey. The successful POS solutions will be commerce-based solutions that extend to provide consistent touchpoints to the customer.

Our restaurant management product suite includes solutions such as kiosks, QR code and online ordering, and tablets for tableside ordering that integrate with your POS to send orders straight to the kitchen. 

How does Mad Mobile provide restaurants with a streamlined experience that helps them modernize their system? 

Mobile is key in today’s industry, but the biggest problem restaurants continue to face is their POS system holding them back. Mad Mobile’s platform enhances and extends legacy POS systems to run on mobile devices. Our mobile solutions empower customers with QR codes, online ordering, kiosks, contactless payments, and much more. Mad Mobile can use your existing POS to achieve any ordering journey you want to provide your customers, including tableside and curbside.

How does tableside ordering help solve labor issues while enhancing the guest experience? 

The value of tableside ordering is to provide a better customer experience while increasing the speed of service and generating more revenue. A guest can place an order with a server using a future-proof tablet or without the server, using a kiosk or QR code ordering and payment method. Technology at the table allows servers to increase their efficiency, handle more tables, and focus on guest engagement. Secure contactless payment options through tableside ordering further enhance the guest experience and offer them more ways to pay.

How are QR codes revolutionizing the dining experience? 

QR codes answer the demand for contactless ordering and payment.  Data shows that by 2024 80% of order, checkout, and payment services will be contactless. With QR code ordering, customers can easily browse the menu, order, and pay from their mobile device tableside. Self-ordering technology at the table increases convenience by no longer having to wait for a staff member to take the order. To maximize the experience, menus should be interactive so guests can make their selections, add modifications, and place orders from their mobile devices. Having the ability to accept contactless payments from anywhere in the restaurant, and giving guests the option to choose how they want to pay, is of high interest. Providing omnichannel experiences for guests, whether they prefer curbside, dine-in, or delivery, can all be achieved with mobile technology.

What is the purpose of restaurants modernizing their POS system? 

Mobility helps with one of the biggest issues the industry faces today: the labor shortage. Using POS software to restaurant operators' full advantage is crucial in 2023. The demand for ordering on mobile devices has significantly increased due to the aftermath of COVID-19. Nearly 35% of operators identified a mobile POS as a purchasing priority for this year. Letting customers tailor their dining experience increases customer satisfaction and safety while improving the speed of service and staff efficiency. 

This omnichannel approach lets customers easily shift between channels and receive the same connected, consistent ordering experience, whether they started that journey online or with a QR code at the table. Utilizing our tableside ordering, a server could also step in with a mobile tablet to add an item on the same ticket with this kind of connected technology.

Can you speak to the innovations in POS software you are making for 2023? 

In 2023, our POS software’s multi-location management will expand to support customers as they grow. To do that, we are adding in more native loyalty features, email marketing tools, QR Code ordering and payment, expanded DoorDash integration, enhanced inventory management tools, and the big one - an Android option, in addition to our existing iOS solutions.

On the enterprise side, we will be making advancements in our QR Code Ordering and tableside ordering features to provide a better experience for servers and customers. We are enhancing the mobile platform to support more pre-existing POS features such as voids, comps, promos, and split tickets. 

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