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Executive Q&A: Benefits of Frictionless Mobile Ordering & Payments

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Jon Squire, CEO, CardFree

Restaurant guest expectations have evolved toward convenience and empowerment. How are restaurants responding?

Restaurants, particularly non-QSRs, have historically shied away from tech becoming a primary touch point between the staff and the customer.  The pandemic flipped that approach on its head and restaurants have rapidly embraced both the efficiencies and the personalization tech can provide.  While most folks were scrambling to stay afloat during those initial months - with stand-beside devices and countless delivery options - we are now seeing our restaurant partners taking a breath and getting smart about integrated solutions that tie back to their POS, databases, and preferred payment methods.

Online ordering, mobile payments, and kiosks are more popular than ever among restaurant guests. How can they support a restaurant’s value proposition?

Offering self directed ordering and payments not only aids in both speed, efficiency and accuracy, but also customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.  We’ve seen folks literally swap brands because of a streamlined ordering and/or payment process, as today’s customer is even more focused on being able to control their own dining experience. There is no putting this toothpaste back in the tube. Data collection is also a big benefit of these platforms, as that gives way to personalization for guests – restaurants can offer menu items, promotions, and other marketing efforts relevant to individual guests, which ultimately improves customer satisfaction. 

The current labor challenge is seriously impacting restaurants. How can digital tools help?

We have drive-thru, online ordering, Text-To-Pay, Pay@Table, Order@Table, and more solutions that allow our partners to both augment and forgo the need for staff in their given situation. These tools have buoyed short-staffed partners to not only stay open, but have actually created streamlined processes that in turn increase table turn, check size and tips. And it’s not just limited to QSRs – we actually have one brewery partner using kiosks for drink tickets, removing the payment process from the staff’s workflow, meaning they can do a lot more with their time and serve more customers.

What are you looking forward to at MURTEC?

There is nothing better than getting together with like minds and talking through different ways to solve the tough problems we face in the foreseeable future. 

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