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Create a Touchless Dine-In Experience to Meet Guests’ Needs — and Maximize Revenue

Gordon Gardiner, Chief Executive Officer, TableSafe
How is technology allowing a truly touchless experience during the dine-in payment process?
A truly touchless payment process is now more important than ever to meet customers’ safety and security concerns. TableSafe is extending its pay-at-the-table payment platform to include a touchless option so the customer can elect to pay with a credit card or with a QR code presented on the device, all without the assistance of a server. The TableSafe touchless payment process allows a customer to read a QR code with a cell phone and complete an encrypted payment. With TableSafe’s touchless offering, restaurants have the flexibility to satisfy consumer payment preferences for safety and security.
What kind of experiences are restaurant guests looking for?
Guests want to feel safe and in control of their payment experience from start to finish. With TableSafe, the guest controls the entire payment process, maintaining possession of their credit card and eliminating the time for the server to make the usual three to five trips to a terminal during the payment process. TableSafe’s device is presented in a patented folio design that is familiar to a customer and looks just like a traditional check presenter.
What kind of efficiencies and ROI can a pay-at-the-table process deliver?
Pay-at-the-table creates efficiencies in several ways. Passing the payment process from the server to the customer eliminates wait times and turns tables six to ten minutes faster. Increasing table turns results in more seatings and greater revenue per shift. Consumer-controlled settlement eliminates the need for servers and managers to reconcile end-of-shift, which saves 15 to 20 minutes of time per employee and reduces associated payroll expenses. Statistics show that customers demanding a paper receipt drops by 80%, resulting in hundreds of dollars of paper savings per month. Through these gains in efficiency, restaurants can achieve ROI within four to six months.
Does pay-at-the-table enhance opportunities for up-selling? For predictive analytics?
Industry statistics show more than 20% of a server’s time is spent on the payment process. TableSafe’s platform frees servers to spend that time instead catering to other customers, whether that be ordering a dessert or another glass of wine. The result is increased revenue and guest satisfaction. TableSafe also captures customer emails, which are a valuable marketing tool. TableSafe gathers data through POS integration and customer feedback tools that together generate valuable insights on server performance, staff scheduling, kitchen and bar accuracies, and guest satisfaction. These metrics are available to restaurants through TableSafe’s web portal and ultimately can be used to predict consumer behavior and to create efficiencies in the restaurant operations.
We’d love to hear about restaurants that have benefited from using TableSafe.
TableSafe’s platform is used by hospitality venues from fine dining to fast casual. All of our customers enjoy protection from chargebacks as a result of TableSafe’s EMV certification. One family casual chain with 50+ locations uses our payment and data analytics platform as a key component of their business intelligence strategy. A highly successful breakfast concept uses TableSafe’s platform to enhance faster table turns and close-out efficiency.