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A Seamless Transition to Contactless

Doron Friedman, Co-Founder, SpotOn
How is technology allowing a truly touchless experience during the dine-in payment process?
There is a transformation happening within the dine-in experience, but there are many flavors of contactless. On a basic level, a person can use their phone at a restaurant to scan a QR code or tap an NFC sticker linking them to a menu that recognizes the restaurant and table number. They can request food from a server or order food and pay for it straight from their phone, never needing to wait for a server to take their order or drop off the check. Not all customers are tech savvy, so solutions that tightly integrate into the POS will have the advantage of letting guests order with their phone and servers helping out when needed, such as when asking for special requests or splitting checks.
Tell us about the SpotOn restaurant guest experience.
Our guest experience is evolving since our customers are mainly ordering takeout and delivery. With the launch of our dine-in mobile ordering, we are transitioning from online ordering to contactless dine-in as seamlessly as possible by harnessing the customer’s stored online order data, including saved cards, previous orders, and billing info to make the dine-in experience so much smoother.
Tell us about how SpotOn streamlines back-of-house.
Restaurants need to make sure customers get the exact food they ordered in a timely manner. The SpotOn app is tightly coupled with the POS, so the instant a restaurant runs out of an item, they 86 it on their POS and it’s no longer available online. This ensures customers are getting the food they ordered. As dine-in opens up across the country, online volumes need to take into account both orders in the restaurant and online. As such, we are enhancing throttling to include both dine-in and online orders to pace, based on items, covers/orders, and/or dollar amounts. The key is to let customers continue to order without creating a bad guest experience.
Do you have metrics about the efficiencies and ROI that SpotOn delivers?
After an initial downturn in business from COVID-19, our food & beverage clients experienced a remarkable 27% increase in revenue during the height of the pandemic (specifically, between March 30 and April 20), in large part thanks to our rapid deployment of online ordering.
We’d love to hear about restaurants that have benefited from using SpotOn.
What restaurants love so much about SpotOn is not just the technology, but also the nimbleness of our team that’s available 24/7/365. Our clients can speak to this best:

“In a very tough time for restaurants, SpotOn has gone above and beyond. Their ability to create an online ordering system on our website has provided efficiency and the ability to maintain social distancing during the COVD-19 pandemic. I particularly love the ability to easily 86 products, knowing that it immediately removes the product from my online ordering menu.”
-Kevin Youkilis, Owner of Loma Brewing Company and former Major League Baseball star

“While colleagues I know at other restaurants were sent scrambling to try and figure things out when shelter-in-place went into effect, we had a really seamless transition. We launched our online ordering, which was integrated right into our POS, and within a week we reached sales that matched our dine-in sales pre-COVID.”
-Stryker Scales, Blue Barn