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EXECUTIVE INSIGHT: The Network as the Foundation of the Enterprise


More than half (54%) of hotels are upgrading or changing WiFi suppliers according to Hospitality Technology’s 2019 Lodging Technology Study. What are some of the top guest trends that are driving the need for more robust networks?     

LARRY BIRNBAUM: Changing client devices and streaming video continue to provide the most challenges to existing WiFi networks. Client devices continue to be smaller with less effective antennas for transmitting to the access points (APs). Great WiFi experience is almost  always less about broadcast from the access point and more the ability of the AP to receive from the client device. Video makes this part of communication more problematic due to file size and nature of streaming communications over WiFi in general. This challenge will be greater in the near future (12 to 24) months as new client devices start shipping with 802.11 ax WiFi 6

Overall, hotels place enhancing bandwidth as a lower priority for technology strategy, yet top priorities will all require robust connectivity such as with IoT strategies – where 18% of luxury brands are adding or upgrading systems.

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