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Executive Insight: Benefits of QR-Driven Restaurant Transactions

Laurent May, CEO, Ready
Laurent May, CEO, Ready

The current labor shortage poses challenges staffing restaurants. How can technology help?

The labor shortage is not a short-term problem and is something that operators will need to continue to manage in the foreseeable future. There has been a long focus on technology to create back of house efficiency – now is the opportunity to deploy technology to the front of house that not only reduces labor needs but elevates the guest experience. By deploying technology like digital menus and self-pay at the table services through QR Codes, you can reduce your labor requirements and empower your guests to control their payment and ordering experience. This frees your remaining staff to focus on providing great service instead of running payments or fetching menus.

How are guest expectations evolving around restaurant transactions and experiences?

Guests would like to have more control over their experience in terms of when they want to order, pay, and leave, and restaurants are becoming increasingly sensitive to providing additional options. Digital transformation is happening everywhere and during the pandemic there were large investments by the hospitality industry to improve the off-premise experiences for guests. This level of digital connection with restaurants and control is now expected for on premise guests as well. Loyalty programs, self-service checkout, interactive digital menus are now the norm. From the experience standpoint, guest expectations have elevated, and they are demanding more control over their experience -- from ordering menu items their own time and pace, to not waiting for the server to flag down for the check. Proactive restaurants are becoming increasingly sensitive to providing additional options for guests to take more control of the experience, and QR technologies are part of that digital transformation solution.

Please speak to the ROI of QR-driven restaurant transactions?

Restaurants, staff and guests all benefit from empowering guests to control their experience digitally - there are three clear ROI drivers when restaurants adopt QR-Code driven ordering and paying:

  • Increase table turn times by 20 minutes or more, driving better revenue outcomes
  • Increase tips for your staff by up to 40%, which improves staff retention
  • Increase guest satisfaction and loyalty, which boosts loyalty and repeat visits
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