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Envysion's Managed Video as a Service Platform Now Integrates with Aloha Restaurant Guard

Envysion, Inc., announced the integration of Envysion's innovative Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) platform with Aloha Restaurant Guard, the leading exception reporting and theft deterrence tool for restaurant owners.

The integration of these solutions enables restaurant owners to monitor cash handling and exception reports, identify trends and validate suspicious transactions identified by Restaurant Guard by viewing the video taken at the time of the transaction.

"Envysion's integration with Aloha Restaurant Guard will enable us to instantly validate potential suspicious activity with video," says Kevin Pope, director of operations services at Del Taco.

"Combining Envysion's video solution with the transaction reports in Restaurant Guard will allow us to identify issues faster, make better decisions about our restaurants' operations and increase our profits."

Aloha Restaurant Guard, developed by NCR Corporation, analyzes point-of-sale (POS) data and transactions to identify common restaurant employee scams and fraudulent activities. Reports are generated that identify trends consistent with common restaurant scams to reduce profit losses and the effects of suspicious behavior.

Integrating Envysion's advanced video features and functionality with Restaurant Guard will give restaurant owners Envysion's easy-to-use video web interface and secure video clip sharing, consolidated data across the two platforms and tailored business intelligence reports.
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