Deli selects Siva POS, back office solution

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Deli selects Siva POS, back office solution


With its vision fixed on growth, Jason's Deli recently selected the Siva iSIVA suite POS and back office solution. "Our infrastructure goals are tied to our company goals--and our number one objective is to ensure we deliver excellent service to our customers," says Jason's Deli CIO Kevin Verde. "Siva's enterprise architecture provides real-time visibility into restaurant operations for managers at every level of our business, which will help us to monitor and maintain our high performance standards."

Finding a web-based solution with cross-platform capabilities was essential for Jason's Deli. "Linux offers an amazing value proposition for restaurant applications," adds Verde. "Its stability and low cost makes Linux well-suited as an embedded, appliance-type operating system. It just makes sense - from a support standpoint as well as cost."

"Our in-house development has standardized on Red Hat. We plan to deploy Open Office, open source suite as our office applications as well. Siva works with what we have today and want in the future."

In a related note, Siva's expected acquisition of Progressive Software has run into unexpected roadblocks. In a statement released by Siva, CEO Jim Melvin insisted that despite the delay and expected court action Siva still plans to complete the acquisition.