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Combining Internal and External Systems Integration

Within the industry, ongoing merger and acquisition activity has exacerbated the daunting challenges hospitality companies face in integrating their technology systems, applications and data. There's a growing recognition that this lack of integration -- between systems at existing properties and those at acquired properties; between properties and corporate-level structures; between hotels and alliance partners such as airlines, car rental companies, and restaurants; and even within the "four walls" of a hospitality property itself -- Systems integration, or the lack thereof, may seem to be a clear-cut technology issue: something for the CIO or an IT department to work on.

Yet hospitality industry experts note that the industry's lack of appropriate systems integration is at least as much of a business issue as a technology issue, if not more. They identified some of the key areas where a lack of integration creates a significant drag on the hospitality business, as well as areas where integration improvements could lead to greater efficiencies and bottom-line benefits.
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