Launches CleanAir as a Service Technology for the Hotel Industry

Canadian cleantech company is pleased to announce that it has launched the CleanAir as a Service™ solution for the hotel industry. The service was previously exclusively available for professional office spaces and private residences.'s proprietary technology, the ALVI CleanAir Safety System™ (CSS™) integrates into legacy HVAC systems to silently capture and eliminate 99.99% of airborne viruses, bacteria, seasonal pollen, and mold in hotel guestrooms, public, and event spaces. It discreetly removes building odors (cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, candles), detects air quality events in real-time, and provides alerts to hotel operations.

Property managers and the engineering team are able to verify air quality events and filter status in real-time via a web-based dashboard and smartphone app. Hotels can also offer guests access to the smartphone app for additional peace of mind.

"We are proud that our technology is helping improve traveler confidence and guest experience as the hotel industry rebounds from the COVID-19 pandemic," said Michael Petgrave, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of "Offering Clean Air Stays™ sends a powerful message to guests that health and safety is paramount in your hotel. Guests know that they will be breathing clean air throughout their stay, and hotel owners have a higher average daily rate (ADR) within their competitive set."

CSS™ can be installed throughout an entire property or in a select number of rooms or suites for a premium offering. According to Petgrave, "setup of the system is plug-and-play," requiring zero new equipment purchase. The service provides continuous monitoring of filter performance and automatically schedules replacements as needed.

For more information on the ALVI CleanAir Safety System™ please visit the website

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