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Charleston-based Boutique Hotel Introduces Citywide Insta-Worthy Scavenger Hunt 

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The Restoration Hotel, a Charleston-based boutique hotel, has announced its imaginative #CharlestonChallenge, a brand new insta-worthy scavenger hunt. The innovative, experiential concept launched on October 1st and gives hotel guests the chance to experience the wonders of the Holy City through an unforgettable journey. Participants will be lead through some of the most iconic sights, sounds and flavors the city has to offer.

As the market of hotels in Charleston becomes more saturated and with 72 percent of millennials stating they prefer to spend more money on experiences than on material things, according to a study by Harris Group, The Restoration Hotel believes its #CharlestonChallenge is the answer to the shift in millennial spending and the quest to find innovative ways to attract hotel guests. And as the need to stand out more than ever before continues to grow, giving guests a one-of-a-kind stay with a twist is no longer just a bonus but a necessity in the hospitality industry.

A novel spin on childhood treasure hunts, participants are given a deck of cards outlining the instructions for a variety of excursion challenges from the front desk upon check-in. Each set of cards contains a list of must-see attractions and one-of-a-kind experiences one can enjoy on a single day-trip around the city. Guests can use the hashtag #CharlestonChallenge on social media and share this unique experience with the world. 

As a bonus, each card includes suggestions on what to order at select locations -- some of the most scrumptious bites and sips in town. And if one is still hungry for adventure after completing their first deck of cards, they can always come back for more.

Chelsea Nightengale, General Manager of The Restoration explains, “We are striving to provide our guests an experience that transcends traditional hospitality. We want to provide fun ways for travelers and locals to experience this destination, beyond what exists in tour guides and maps.” 

Sample Challenges Include: 
+Pineapple Fountain - Visit the Pineapple Fountain and jump in with all your clothes on. 
Insider tip: Dry off in the breeze of your chair swing a few steps away at Waterfront Park

+Rainbow Row - Visit Rainbow Row and ask tourists to stop taking pictures of your home.
Insider tip: Grab lunch around the corner at Blind Tiger, ask to sit in the back courtyard.

+Historic City Market - Visit the Historic City Market and high-five as many strangers as possible in 1 minute. 
Insider tip: Grab a Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit while you’re there.

+Historical Nathaniel Russell House - Take a picture walking down one of the grand staircases in the Historical Nathaniel Russell House. 
Insider Tip: Sliding down the 3-story banister sounds fun to us but don’t try it!

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