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Boutique Hotelier Gets Reservation System Upgrade

Boyle Hotels, a Best Western hotelier with three properties in northern New Jersey, announces the implementation of Softbrands Inc.'s Medallion Best Western Two Way Interface software at its locations. The software utilizes real-time hotel availability data to allow for booking and updating reservations through multiple channels, including the individual property, the Best Western central reservation office, or online.

Says Bill Boyle, president of Boyle Hotels, "I am impressed with how rapidly and efficiently our Medallion systems were brought back to problem-free functionality. Both the Softbrands development and installation teams worked together to adapt this Interface software to the specific operational needs of our hotels. Most importantly, we are excited about the labor savings provided by the Interface, enabling our front desk staff to focus more attention on guest services. I recommend this Two Way Interface for all Best Western Medallion users."

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