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Bennigan's Strives for Service Perfection, Taps Mindshare to Capture Guest Feedback


Bennigan's Franchising Co. has teamed with Mindshare Technologies to gather, analyze and act upon real-time feedback from guests.

Leveraging Mindshare's survey and reporting platform for real-time customer insights, Bennigan's will focus on enhancing every aspect of the guest experience.

"We're striving for flawless execution that creates legendary experiences for every guest, every day," says Paul Mangiamele, Bennigan's president and CEO, who added, "Very good is simply not good enough. Mindshare gives us access to immediate feedback that will allow us to achieve exceptional levels of performance."

The Mindshare customer feedback management platform makes it quick and easy for guests to provide real-time, honest input through a simple phone or Internet survey.

Guests objectively rate various aspects of food, service, atmosphere and other factors to help managers focus on the areas that matter most to creating an emotional connection with guests.

Guests also comment on employee performance, which provides invaluable information managers can use to tailor specific training to meet individual employee needs.


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