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Benefits of a Comprehensive Restaurant Platform

Brian Wayne, Vice President of Customer Success, QSR Automations
Brian Wayne, Vice President of Customer Success, QSR Automations

Labor has been a significant hurdle for the industry, how can your solutions help take some of the pressure off operators? 

Many of our customers find that just adopting effective technology is enough to minimize employee turnover simply because it eases stress on workers and makes their jobs more enjoyable. Our ConnectSmart® Platform (Kitchen and Host) offers myriad solutions that result in calmer kitchens, happier employees, and more satisfied guests.  We’ve heard several stories from our customers about chefs moving to a restaurant that doesn’t use our product, and later request to go back to one that does. They experience firsthand how using our solutions greatly reduces the stress on the staff. 

Beyond transactional benefits, such as speed of service and accuracy, how can technology elevate the guest experience? 

Our ConnectSmart® solutions are deployed in over 80,000 restaurants worldwide, and seat over 2 million guests each day, so chances are you’ve experienced the benefits from the guest perspective without even knowing it. For example, our delayed routing feature paces orders efficiently so everything is prepared and delivered at the right time. Hot items are hot, cold items are cold, and guests receive them at a comfortable cadence. With ConnectSmart Host, our guests can book a reservation, get on the waitlist, and stay updated on their order status with two-way SMS texting. Our solutions truly touch every step of the guest experience from start to finish.

When adopting new technology, support is crucial. How does QSR Automations handle implementation and support for new customers?

When you need tech help, you need it now, especially in the restaurant business. With QSR, the caller doesn’t have to fill out a help ticket and wait for a response that may not address their question. Our support team troubleshoots in real time because every second counts, especially during peak times. Another strength to mention is all of our team members are trained on all platforms, so customers aren’t transferred from one department to another. Our team stays on the line until the problem is resolved. That high-touch service earned our support team a 99 percent satisfaction rate last year. 

As restaurants gather more and more customer data, how can that data be leveraged to provide actionable insights for operators? 

I think the ability to gather data overtime is a real game-changer for operators who leverage effective technology. I mentioned how our technology reduces stress on employees in real time, but over the long-term, it also gives operators insight into when they might need more or fewer employees, addresses bin management issues–the list goes on.Good technology works harder so operators can work smarter.