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Benefits of a Branded App for Restaurants

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Why Restaurants Need a Branded App

In today's restaurant landscape, digital ordering is essential. Third-party platforms can be costly and put your brand at risk. Creating your own branded app can boost revenue and customer engagement.

The Benefits of a Branded App

  • Direct Interaction: Your app becomes a virtual storefront, engaging customers before they arrive.
  • Data Ownership: Collect valuable customer data and control marketing efforts.
  • Customer Experience: Ensure a seamless experience, increasing brand loyalty.
  • Revenue Generation: Keep more of your profits by avoiding third-party fees.
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The Solution: Givex Branded App

  • Customization: Tailor the app's look, feel, and features to your brand.
  • Online and Mobile Orders: Accept orders, payments, and more from customers' devices.
  • Ease of Use: Access menus, place orders, and pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • QR Codes: Simplify dine-in ordering with QR codes on tables.
  • Analytics: Gain insights into trends and improve your business.
  • Gift Cards and Loyalty: Manage gift cards, loyalty points, and customer promotions.

Why Givex?

  • Expertise: Partner with Givex for a seamless app experience.
  • Fully Hosted Platform: Get an online home for your brand's app.
  • Flexible Modules: Choose the functionality you need.
  • Integrated POS: Streamline orders and payments with GivexPOS.
  • Global Footprint: Join 122,000+ active locations in 100+ countries.
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At-a-Glance: The Givex Online Ordering System 

Consumer-Facing Experience + Benefits

• Dine-in: Scan a QR code to access the current menu and review specials, place an order, pay from the app

• Password-enabled and secure access

• Manage and update personal profiles. Opt-in preferences

• Manage gift cards, loyalty points, and coupons from one site

• Geo-location capabilities to find the nearest store

• Integrates with best-of-breed mobile payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay

• Provides end users with a personalized experience and enables restaurants to connect with their customers through promotions.

Gift Card Wallet Management

• Purchase gift cards and E-gifts • Store gift cards numbers

• Check card balances

• Redeem gift cards

Loyalty Card Management

• Enroll in loyalty programs

• Check loyalty points balance

• Redeem points toward online orders

• Redeem points for curated store merchandise

Coupon and Promotion Management

• Store coupon and promotion codes 

• Redeem codes towards rewards

About Givex

The world is changing. Givex is ready. Since 1999, Givex has provided technology solutions that unleash the full potential of engagement, creating and cultivating powerful connections that unite brands and customers. With a global footprint of 122,000+ active locations across more than 100 countries, Givex unleashes strategic insights, empowering brands through reliable technology and exceptional support. Givex’s integrated end-to-end management solution provides Gift Cards, GivexPOS, Loyalty Programs and more, creating growth opportunities for businesses of all sizes and industries. Learn more about how to streamline workflows, tackle complex challenges and transform data into actionable insights at

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