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Australian Tableside Ordering Tech Targets US Restaurants

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Global hospitality technology company me&u is targeting the U.S. hospitality market with its at-table ordering that includes personalization and AI.  

The web-based platform gives diners the flexibility to order what they want, when they want, and with contactless payment via their smartphones. For operators, it takes care of the basics like ordering and payment, allowing staff to spend more quality time getting to know their customers. As part of its comprehensive onboarding process for partners, me&u helps with creating digital versions of menus, offers professional food photography services, and hosts training sessions.  

Since its inception over four years ago, the Australian-founded me&u has been providing close to 30 percent revenue growth for venue operators around the world.

91% of restaurants have invested in online ordering for pickup, according to HT's 2022 Restaurant Technology Study

In the U.S., current venues partnered with me&u are seeing up to 15 percent increase in tips for their staff through the platform’s enhanced tipping feature & faster table turnover. Notable restaurant groups and bars across the U.S. that have signed on with me&u platform, integrating with their existing POS systems, include Texas-based Truck Yard, Treaty Oak Distilling, Hat Creek Burger Company and Chicken N Pickle.  

With its growing presence in the U.S., me&u counts itself as a trusted partner to leading industry associations and guilds, including MVP partner of The Texas Restaurant Association.  

Management Moves

To drive this momentum forward, the at-table ordering leader has also bolstered its leadership team on the ground with two key hires including, Brian Duncan as VP of sales and Eric Seymour as head of business development.  

Established in 2017 by Australian hospitality entrepreneur Stevan Premutico, me&u was born out of the belief that through innovation and investment in the right technology, hospitality workers can be supported to deliver a higher level of service and customer satisfaction.  

 “...With the sector being one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, many forces have been at play to accelerate change within the restaurant industry. Convenience, driven by a digital first approach has found a permanent seat at the table across the global hospitality landscape,” said Premutico.


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