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9th Annual Restaurant Technology Study


The words are centuries old, and yet timeless in their insight; they are the words of Miyamoto Musashi -- philosopher, strategist and the greatest of the Japanese samurai. As modern seekers of knowledge and truth, the authors of 2007 edition of the annual Restaurant Industry Technology Study heed his wisdom.

Through research, the study scans the overall environment of information technology in the restaurant industry to uncover global, macro trends. At the same time, however, it takes a closer look to reveal areas where technology is in practice in very specific environments, examining unit-level happenings regarding IT use in restaurants around the U.S.

The 2007 edition of the study is unique among its predecessors in that the authors have worked diligently to track progress and identify trends by comparing new data to that from studies conducted over the past five years. In addition, this year's analysis evaluates overall trends, as well as trends specific to type of restaurant (QSR, family/casual, and fine dining) and size of restaurant in annual revenue. The study also classifies each responding company as small ($50 million and less), mid-size ($50- $499 million), and large ($500 million or more) and examines trends in those segments.

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