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It’s a low-growth world. Lodging analysts almost universally project continued slowed RevPAR growth, oscillating demand and increased uncertainty brought by geo-political events, terrorism, and new market entrants. In this lukewarm demand environment, owners will have nowhere else to turn but to profitability as their go-to KPI for growth. Winning on RevPAR Index will no longer be enough, because the stakes will be too small. A hotel’s classic cost control measures are likely already in place for many operators, and at best will continue to deliver the same – not better -- results.  Fortunately, there are still other wells to tap. Growth enjoyed in more flush times often hid operational efficiencies, or may even have caused them. Hotel operators who leverage technology in unexpected ways to address these inefficiencies can attain unexpected results, optimizing their way to profitability and growth. This Infor Whitepaper offers five often-untapped opportunities and how to address them.

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